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Six Great Companies That Provide Health Insurance To All Of Their Employees, Including Part-Timers!

Being self-employed or having a part-time job always makes us worried about our health insurance coverage and policies. In fact, most companies provide health benefits only to their full-time employees. Moreover, if you have family members depending on you for health insurance, it might be even worse. If you are in between jobs, or if your employer does not provide health insurance, then there is one other way to combat it. However, through it all, there are always the heroes. There are several companies throughout the United States that provide health insurance to all employees, even part-time workers. Here are a few:


Did you know that Starbucks hires mostly part-time workers and that they actually provide full insurance coverage to them too! They run a special program called Your Special Blend, to its workers. The health insurance they offer is one of the best, as they provide dental and vision insurance too. However, there are a few criteria that you need to fulfill – you have to work for 240 hours within three consecutive months. This means you need to work a total of 20 hours a week, with a 5 day week, averaging to around 4 hours a day. That is totally doable if you plan to have another job on the side or if you are a student needing to study. The plan pays for 70% of the premiums and 100% of the preventive medicine. Since there is a Starbucks almost in every corner, finding one and getting work is not too difficult!

Whole Foods

Based on the location of where you are working, Whole Foods also offers amazing benefits even for its part-time employees. With 500 branches across 44 states, there is a chance that you might find one very close to your house. Though they do have a probationary period that must be passed before being able to access the health coverage. However, the fact that one only needs to work 20 hours a week to receive health benefits is quite enticing. However currently, they don’t have any details about the kind of coverage they provide available to the public eye.


If you want coverage for yourself fast, consider joining the Lowe’s team. The construction store is a great place to start for those planning a career in construction and building. Working here will give you an idea about the best products that can be used or the ones that the customers prefer. Health insurance benefits start within 31 days of joining. However, they do not mention anything about the number of hours they need their employers to work in order to be eligible for the health insurance benefits. Nevertheless, the coverage sounds great as it covers prescriptions, vision as well as dental insurance too.

Delta Airlines

Your part-time job at Delta Airlines can turn into something more worthwhile over the years. The largest airlines in the country needs lots of part-time workers and they provide well for them. Apart from health benefits, employees also enjoy huge discounts when traveling and use their airlines. Several jobs also have the potential to get permanent over the years, hence more the reason to join them if you have a thing for the aviation industry.


UPS is another great option for those who want full-time benefits while working part-time jobs. Being a logistics company they have locations in several places and finding a job with them won’t be too difficult. If you can do 25 hours every day for 3 months, you will be completing their criteria of 400 hours in 3 months. That’s not all, in case you can’t do 400 hours in 3 months, but have done more than 225 hours, you are still eligible for part-time benefits which include health insurance. Which means by just working 15 hours a week, you can still get health insurance from your employer. However, if you are looking for group insurance policies, UPS might not be your choice. Also, your job will involve you being outside delivering parcels most times, so you should be doing it only if you are okay with that kind of hands-on, sometimes strenuous work.

If these choices are not to your liking, remember there are several other banks and other places that offer similar kind of employment. In fact, hospitals and community centers also often have positions for part-time workers and they also offer health insurance benefits. If you are in between jobs, got an early retirement or without a job, any of these options work wonderfully well as they provide health benefits along with a decent salary.



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