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How Neglecting Your Oral Health Might Affect Your Body

We all know that not taking good care of your teeth might lead to cavities. But did you know that your oral health can be a window to the rest of your body? Often, people are quite negligent about their oral health as they think that it is replaceable with artificial dentures, unlike other organs in our body. However, many of us do not even know that our oral health tries to tell us about our rest of the body. For example, diseases like diabetes or AIDS reduce the immunity of our body, hence, the body gets infected easily. This can aggravate oral infections. Here are some other diseases that you might get from not having great oral health.


Endocarditis is a health condition where the inner lining of our heart ( endocardium) gets infected. The infection happens when germs or bacteria from our mouth or other parts of the body travels through our blood and affects the heart. This kind of infection needs immediate attention. It has the potential to destroy the heart valves, leading to further damage. This kind of infection is typically treated with antibiotics. But in certain complicated cases, surgery is done as well.

Cardiovascular Disease

Periodontal disease is quite common among people with bad oral health. Usually, the bacteria affects the gums which causes the gums to bleed. This same bacteria gets into the bloodstream and can be the reason behind arteries hardening up due to plaque. This condition is called atherosclerosis, and it can cause severe damage to the heart. Usually, heart blockage and blood flow issues are associated with this condition. These are also the conditions that may induce a heart attack. The damage caused on the arteries and heart can also lead to hypertension and increase the chances of getting a stroke.


Diabetes and gum diseases have a symbiotic relationship. People who suffer from diabetes have higher chances of getting periodontal disease. On the other hand, poor oral health means the blood sugar level is higher than normal. This puts people with bad oral health at a higher risk of getting diabetes. Periodontal disease also gets very difficult to be cured if one has diabetes.

Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should take special care of their oral hygiene. During pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body. This makes a woman’s body highly susceptible to oral infections. Infections of any kind can make the pregnancy complicated. Lack of good oral hygiene has been linked to lower birth weight in newborn babies or even premature births. So, it is advisable for pregnant women to be wary of their oral health as much as their nutrition.

Respiratory Infections

It might be hard to fathom how a gum disease can cause lung disease. But poor oral health can be the cause of deadly respiratory diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, or COPD. The bacteria from our mouth can travel in our bloodstream or can be inhaled from our surroundings. Over the years, if this keeps on happening, one day our lungs will get infected.

Erectile Dysfunction

Severe oral infections like chronic periodontal disease or CPD happens when the gum pulls away from the teeth, and a pocket is created. These pockets carry the bacteria and spread it all around the teeth. When the bacteria get into our bloodstream, it can be the reason behind inflamed blood vessels. When this happens, the blood flow to various parts of our body gets affected. The uneven blood flow to the genitals makes it difficult for men to achieve an erection.


A study has shown that oral infections like periodontitis becomes more severe in the presence of extra fat. This means obese people are more prone to get oral infections than others.


Practicing good habits with regards to oral hygiene is highly necessary. Children should be taught young so they can maintain proper oral habits as they get older. A few good practices will keep your teeth clean as well as help you avoid deadly diseases. Usually, brushing twice a day in a proper way, flossing daily, not smoking or using tobacco-related products, and avoiding sugary drinks are great practices. Often, we can’t clean places that our brushes don’t reach. If you find your teeth coated with a hard yellow substance, you must go for a cleaning session to your dentist. These are plaques which increase the bacteria and make you susceptible to mouth infections. Regular check-ups are a good idea, but, prevention is always better than cure.



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