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Hollywood Veterans: These Stars From The Golden Ages Are Still Alive & Enjoying Life in Retirement

Ali MacGraw – 1939 – Actress — $6 Million

It took only three movies for the brilliant Ali MacGraw to become the top female star in a global scale. And that says a lot about her talent. Her 1969 movie Goodbye Columbus gave her the star status, but it was Love Story in 1970 that made her a legend of sorts. She retired after doing only six movies, yet the world still remembers her. She wrote her autobiography in 1991, and she is a well-known animal activist. Retirement life has kept her busy for sure! She practices yoga which inspired her to produce a yoga video. No wonder she is so fit and fine even at 79! She was married thrice, but they all ended in divorces. She has a son with Robert Evans and is a grandmother now.

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