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Here’s How the ACA Has Changed the World of Health insurance For the Disabled

There was once a time when disabled perople faced declined applications for health insurance, and in the event that they were accepted for health insurance cover, they faced higher rates than the general population.

Leveling the Playing Field with the ACA

Fortunately, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) changed this. Health insurance providers now have to cover you irrespective of your medical history or health history. You are also protected from inflated rates as a result of medical conditions, and you are protected from having your benefits capped!

The ACA has even more benefits about it. There is a limit on the out-of-pocket health costs that you can be billed. The passing of the ACA law required that the 10 essential health benefits as described by the law must be covered which is inclusive of preventative care, maternity care, inpatient care, and pediatrics. As a result, it is safe to say that the health insurance market is at the best it has ever been for individuals with limited mobility, or the disabled, who seek coverage!

The ACA brought even more to the table – people with pre-existing conditions were to be included even if they were previously excluded or offered inflated, unaffordable rates. Of course, as you can imagine, the number of people who were insured increased after the ACA law was passed since there is also no discrimination.

Health Insurance For the Disabled

In this new motion of equality in health care, this also means that there is no specific health insurance plan that is superior to others or one that is specifically catered to a person with disabilities. Every individual has their own set of needs unique to them and so do the disabled. Thus, there is no one plan that suits every person — neither one plan that suits every disabled person. The best gauge when assessing which health insurance option is best for your specific needs is the financial gauge. Different coverage levels, naturally, are accompanied by differ pricing. As a disabled individual, you will likely prefer more coverage, in which case you will have to try to obtain the best coverage you can afford.

What To Do When Deciding On Your Plan

Take stock of all the medicines and medical supplies that your specific conditions require before you take a look at the health plans offered. Also, keep an eye out for Social Security benefits if you are earning an income through Social Security. Have a close look at how long it takes before your specific benefits actually kick in because many insurers have a waiting period during which time you cannot make full use of the plan. It may be a good idea to have a lower plan for this waiting period and then upgrading when you are able to benefit from the insurance – though this will certainly depend on the insurer’s specific terms and conditions.

Non-Physical Disability

Let us not forget that disability need not be physical alone. Mental health, as well as substance use disorders, are actually legitimate health problems that are covered by a health insurance plan compliant with the ACA. Any sufferers of these non-physical disabilities enjoy cover with the same parameters as well as financial standards as the surgical and medical benefits. However, before the implementation of the ACA, insurers would only be required to offer comparable cover with group plans.

In Summary

Should you happen to have a form of disability, either physical or otherwise, you now have the same benefits as the general population and no longer have to be concerned about inflated rates, unaffordable offers, or simply the issue of unattainable health insurance. Insurers no longer discriminate against the disabled or people with pre-existing conditions, and what is left is just for you to carefully analyze your needs and the benefits available on each plan before you make a final decision. One more tip – make sure you make your decision and sign up for your cover during your insurer’s open enrolment period. Most enrolment periods are between November 1 to December 15, but you will have to double-check to be sure.

A Last Word

The more time goes by and the more laws change and technology improves, the more reason there is to go ahead and get health coverage! The excuses for not having health insurance are few and lessening by the year. Proper health insurance is vital for your peace of mind and as a safety net in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Don’t place unnecessary strain on yourself or your family and loved ones – get that health insurance!

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