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Five Reasons Why You Don’t Need Dental Insurance

Don’t brush your teeth twice a day? Never cared to floss? Don’t wash your mouth after eating something? Love having sugary drinks? Well, brace yourself for you are in for a nasty surprise! You might need some major dental work very soon. And as we all know, dental work can be tremendously expensive, especially if you need some major work. Since Medicare doesn’t cover major dental works, you might need to pay a hefty amount out of your own pocket in case you need to get some work done. However, if your teeth are in considerably good condition, then you might not need some private insurance at all. Private insurance costs a lot, too, so you need to really find out if you need dental insurance or not. Here are five reasons to actually NOT have one!

You Have Healthy Teeth

If you don’t need to visit the dentist more than twice a year, your dental insurance might not be required at all. Even if you need to fill your cavities from time to time, it might not have a big impact on your monthly premiums. However, if you have a private insurance, it might not seem like a big amount. But there will be bi-weekly deductibles which might become expensive for you.

You Can Get Your Teeth Cleaned For Cheap

Did you know that just like medical doctors, dentists also provide cheaper rates and discounts to those who pay out of their pockets? Hence, if you have a private insurance, you might not get that big a discount at all. If you are taking up private insurance just so that you can get your teeth cleaned regularly, there are other better ways. If you do an extensive online research, you will find out that there good doctors of nice reputation within your network who will do your cleaning for a reasonable price. It will be a lot less than the yearly premiums you pay for your private dental insurance. Your private insurance might promise you of free cleanings, but you must remember nothing comes free here. You are paying a monthly amount against which they are offering you this free cleaning session. Another tactic is to lure private insurance holders to the doctor’s clinic via the free cleaning session and then make them commit to unnecessary repairs.

You Will Be Tempted To Get More Work Done Than Necessary

As mentioned before, private insurance holders are usually lured to the doctor’s clinic, and they are asked to do a number of repairs which are not really required. You might not need any cosmetic surgery at all, but you will be explained it in such a way that you might feel compelled to get it done. This will incur a lot of extra expenses. It is natural to trust the doctors who know much better than us, and after all, nobody wants to compromise much when it comes to their health!

You Will Be Exposed To Radiation While Getting Examined

Those regular checkups that involve a number of dental x-rays might expose you to radiation which is not required. It is true that a few seconds of radiation might not become the cause for cancer, yet the very fact that they put a heavy led cover on your chest every time they take pictures of your teeth shows that the radiation is bad for you. So unless you have bleeding gums for ages or a toothache that hampers your usual lifestyle, there is no need to go to the doctor’s office often to get your oral health examined.

Your Wisdom Teeth Is Already Out

Extracting your wisdom teeth might cost you about $800 to $1000. If you have a dental insurance, it will cover some of the cost. So, if you are planning to have your wisdom teeth removed, the dental insurance plan might be good for you. It is best to have the insurance for an entire year in case you want to do away with it afterward. But if you have already gone through that process, then there is no need to have your dental insurance only to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Now if you’re responsible enough, you would take better care of your oral health – brush regularly, floss, invest in some mouthwash, and avoid smoking and sugar-rich sodas. Don’t just think of the money you will be saving; think about how you will be saving your teeth, too!

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