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Celebs Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents:

You might get confused who’s the parent and who’s the kid

Blanket Jackson (Prince Jackson II) & Michael Jackson

Prince Jackson II, more known as Blanket became famous not just because of his legendary father but mainly because his father held him on the balcony in Berlin showing off his then 9-month-old son. Although Blanket had his face covered the whole time when his dad held him, he was in some danger position while his dad showed him to excited fans and paparazzi photographers who tried to get a glimpse of the youngest son of Michael Jackson. Many criticized the pop singer of being irresponsible but later the issue was cooled down. Blanket lost his dad when he was only 7-year-old and most his childhood he has grown up without his dad next to him. Blanket is being raised by his cousin, T.J Jackson in Calabasas, California.

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