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These Celebrity Couples Are Living Proof That True Love Exists No Matter How Famous They Are

Susan Lucci and Helmut Huber — 50 Years

The beautiful Susan Lucci has had the fortune of being married to the same wonderful man for fifty years – Helmut Huber. This Austrian businessman stole Lucci’s heart when he met her at her very own engagement party! Yes, you got that right – Lucci was engaged to another man when she happened across the true love of her life! At the time, Lucci was a waitress at the restaurant where Huber was then the executive chef.

Lucci shares that the success of their fabulous marriage likely boils down to Huber fully accepting that her career places her in the public eye. They make time for each other in spite of Lucci’s heavy acting schedule and essentially, it’s all about effort. The couple is blessed with two children who have borne four grandchildren for this lovely couple to adore.

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