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Top Drug Addiction Recovery Apps You Ought To Know About

Millions in the United States wage a lonely war against drug and alcohol abuse. In 2015 alone, nearly 21 million people were found to be diagnosed with substance abuse, while 1 in 12 Americans was found to be in need of a substance abuse treatment. There are many factors such as fear of losing a job, lack of childcare, no insurance coverage, or no daily budget for expenditures keep individuals from seeking treatment and care. To increase their access to several recovery resources, many app developers have amalgamated technology with evidence-based research to provide addicted individuals with recovery and treatment resources, all of which are portable and proffer them with a 24/7 support. This can go a long way in helping them track their sobriety, monitor their triggers from time to time, possess a virtual journal, and connect with those who too are on their path to recovery.  Here are the top apps which can aid you in drug addiction recovery:

Sober Grid

This app lets you create a profile online, support, interact, and get involved with other folks in recovery with the help of a platform that is along the lines of social networking site giant, Facebook. Sober Grid can also help you create anonymous check-ins regarding your mood, your sobriety, and your daily activities. The daily interactions with others belonging to the recovery community can play a major role in helping remain calm and clean. The GPS locator can find other sober individuals for you who reside nearby. This can be really useful while you are traveling, in an airport, in a new city, or anywhere else. ‘Daily Quests’ is one important and unique feature of this app, with which you can seek out small things and tasks that you can carry out to ward off all the negative thoughts and boost up your mood.

Pear reSET

Pear Therapeutics have come up with their first mobile medical application, Pear reSET, which has received the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and helps treat drug and substance abuse. This digital therapy application comprises a specialized program schedule spawning over 12 weeks that involves weekly check-ins. As of now, Pear reSET is available only to individuals who have attained the age of 17 and possesses a clinician’s prescription. The app guides users through some really engaging lessons that take them through the entire recovery process. Users complete a series of lessons and take a quiz after they are done with each lesson to grab virtual rewards. Ask for a prescription access code from your therapist or doctor, if you want to try out Pear reSET.

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

This app is indeed a great tool for individuals who are supporting an addicted person through their recovery phase. The sobriety clock can indicate emotional changes, and people have the choice of sharing their feelings of joy, shame, and fear that they encounter in the encouragement section of Nomo. This can certainly help you feel less desolate during the time of recovery. The key features of this app include the sobriety clock which allows you to keep a track of your daily activities in sobriety, the ability to share your personal sobriety clock with all those who are encouraging your recovery, and the ability to communicate with your accountability partner in case you feel a trigger. In addition to that, you can get access to a ‘distraction’ feature that acts as a refocusing tool and assists you in garnering strength in times of weakness.

Sober Tool

Sober Tool is a fine app and is an easy way to keep a track of your sober days. You will get motivational messages on a daily basis and reminders to stay on track as well through this app. Rewards can be earned by attaining different milestones for all those times you have clung on to your sober self. Sober Tool calculates all that you have saved from maintaining sobriety. Aside from that, the app has a unique tool to avoid a relapse and manage triggers. The moment you feel that you might spiral into a relapse, answer some questions and get inspired through spiritually elevating messages to stay sober.

Recovery is an integral part of a complete change in your lifestyle, and these apps that focus on other facets of your mental and physical health may play a key role in helping you maintain your sobriety.

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