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Successful Stories: 7 Celebrities Who Went Through The Rehab

We all have bad days, days when it’s simply too hard to be just yourself. At such moments, one has the need for something to lift him or her up, something to dull out the pain, or simply help to forget all of the problems. When those days become more frequent, people get an urge to turn to simple solutions. These stars went for those easy solutions, became addicted, battled their addictions, and came out stronger than ever before.

Some of the biggest stars of our time admitted that they had problems—and did it so before it was too late. You probably know them all; you might love them or hate them, but the fact is that they are all humans like we all are.

Let’s see who are the celebrities on our list; there are also many others who are fighting addiction right now.


For many years, this star took Valium and Vicodin so much that at one point he forgot how to function without it. Back in 2007, he overdosed, ended up in a hospital, and went into a rehab. After the rehab, he started running (exercising)—basically replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one—so now he is a fully functional, the real Rap God we all know and love.

 Demi Moore

This vibrant, life-loving star has been having substance abuse problems for a while. Reportedly, in the 80s, she underwent rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, and another one in 2016 for abuse of prescription drugs. Today, she is allegedly back to her old self, spending time with her children, and rebuilding burnt bridges.

 Carrie Fisher

The late Princess Leia admitted that she was on cocaine on the set of her hit 1980 movie, The Empire Strikes Back. At that point in her life, she just took whatever could get her high. After a few stints in rehab clinics and psychiatric hospitals, she finally got clean and wrote two novels, Wishful Drinking, and Postcards from the Edge.

 Elton John

One of the world’s most famous stars was as high as they can be when he entered a rehab in the early 90s dressed in a chicken costume. During his cocaine years, he had a monstrous side to him, the reason why he became famous for his terrible temper. After the rehab, he calmed down, focused on his partner and his music, and went back to his amazing self. Some love, self-control and a lot of effort, and voila! Addicted no more! Still, he did state that the temptation is always present, so one just needs to know how to resist it.

 George Carlin

The funniest ones are often the ones hiding the biggest sadness. This great comedian often joked about his addiction, but he had serious problems with drug and alcohol abuse. His daughter talked about his problem after his death and claimed that growing up with that problem was more than a child should handle as it was like a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Carlin got sober only a few years before his death and claimed that the rehab was what really sobered him up.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Some of the guys in there were taking 50 Vikes (Vicodin) a day and burning down their houses and backing into police vans and—I felt almost unworthy.” —George Carlin [/su_quote]

 Zac Efron

Zac entered rehab in 2013, allegedly to battle an alcohol addiction. However,  sources from the set of his movie that was being shot at the time (Neighbors) claimed that he had more serious problems. He has come back from the rehab more serious and has a few new movies to show, including the new Baywatch.

 Drew Barrymore

She had an erratic and unconventional childhood as she became a star at a very young age. Consequently, she battled alcohol and drug addiction for a long time. Now, she claims that these problems made her a better mom for her children and inspired her to provide them the normality she never had.

Unfortunately, not every star has managed to overcome their addiction. The world has lost some incredible talents to alcohol and drugs – Amy Winehouse, Cory Monteith, Whitney Houston as well as Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others. It takes a lot of strength to get into a rehab and to make it through. Therefore, if you need it, you should ask your loved ones for help and if you see someone in need, be there for them!

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