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Six Fun and Easy Ways To Avoid Addiction Triggers

When we keep doing certain things every day, and it becomes a habit, our minds and bodies become accustomed to it that we fail to pay attention to how exactly we are doing it. This is exactly what happens when someone is addicted. Our body becomes dependent on certain substances. When we go through familiar situations or places that our brain can associate with our addiction, there is always a chance of triggering a craving or worse, a relapse. When you are recovering, it is very necessary to avoid these triggers in order to stay sober and keep going in the right direction. It is possible to stay completely away from them especially if you’re aware of and familiar with what can trigger you. It is no easy task, but you can make it a lot simple if you follow a few easy and fun ways, and keep yourself engaged in the right ways.

Discover Your City Again

You might be quite familiar with the place you live, but it is time to explore the city or town once again. In fact, there might be places you don’t even know about. Remember to leave out the places you used to frequent before you started your treatment. Bars, pubs, and restaurants serving liquor can be left out of your list. Instead, go for a historical or cultural walking tour, discover unique cafes, places known for food specialties, or just walk along scenic routes..


Your house probably has several memories of your past life, and some of them might trigger your cravings. Hence, it might be a good idea to redecorate. You need not buy new stuff for this kind of redecorating. Move your furniture around, or even better, change the way your bedroom looks. Maybe doing something as outrageous as moving your bedroom in your living room might help? If there are other rooms that can serve as your bedroom, that works, too!

Clear The Clutter

Even if it is not spring, it is time for a ‘spring’ cleaning. Clearing up the clutter outside always helps clear the clutter from your mind. This is not only a great way to de-stress and distract yourself, it will also help you get rid of things that might work as triggers. There is a risk here though. Those triggers might be at work when you are trying to get rid of them. Hence, it is a good idea to have a support system around you when you are at work. A friend who knows your history can help probably.

Join A Group Activity

Following an active lifestyle is crucial when you are on the road to recovery. Why not make it fun, too! Join a group activity session, and keep your body fit as you socialize. Group activities can be a lot of fun, too, and will give you a good excuse to get out of the house as well. Regular exercising will also help you reduce triggering feelings. Zumba, pilates, yoga, martial arts, or even dance can be great at this stage.

Learn To Have Fun By Yourself

While it is great to go for group activities, you need to learn to have fun all by yourself, too. Go out and have dinner all by yourself, visit a comedy club for a stand-up comedy show, or volunteer at the local community center. When you learn to keep yourself busy and your mind preoccupied, it will become easier to say no to your cravings. Learning to have fun without being dependent on some substance will help you recover faster.

Sign Up For A New Hobby

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, 1 new hobby will keep you busy even when there is nothing to do. Make a list of things you would love to learn or do, and choose any one or multiple, depending on the amount of time you can afford. It can be a cooking class, pottery class, art class, or even salsa. Just follow your heart and put your passion on something creative. Again, this will also help you meet new people and have a new circle of friends who are hopefully sober.

If you know your triggers already, it won’t be difficult to avoid them if you have a strong will. Keep yourself motivated at all times through self-motivation and think about the upsides of staying sober. That will be reason enough for you to avoid the triggers and recover faster. Good luck, and we hope these help!

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