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Now Sober Celebrities: Their Journey and Advice On Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Somehow, addiction and celebrities go hand-in-hand. We, lesser mortals, prefer to stand afar and comment on how stupid they were to waste their money and fame in such a way. Often we don’t even realize how tough it must have been for them, too. Instead of ostracizing them and being judgemental, it truly helps if we can imagine placing ourselves in their shoes. It is not easy to stay in the eye of the media 24/7. Just like you would hate for your friends, relatives, and distant cousins to make comments about your life and your decisions, they would feel the same. However, being in the show business, their lives are like open books. On top of that, there is always the pressure of not performing well, not looking good enough, getting older or fatter. Also, the fame can get to their heads at times. With a lot of money at a young age, they are sometimes clueless as to how to handle it.

So here are some of the celebrities who have been through addiction and recovery. Here are two cents from them.

Matthew Perry

F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Matthew Perry had a long struggle with addiction. Prescription drugs and alcohol got him high at a time when his career was at a peak, and he was doing quite great on TV. Yet, success came with a price. But being in a rehab and going through treatment helped him recover. No wonder he is a champion of the process of recovery and has been instrumental in helping people who are suffering like he did. He wants people to practice empathy. His suggestion is that if you are having a terrible day, all you need to do is call up someone and ask how they are. Listening to their problems or news will help you zone out from yours, and you will indirectly be helping another human being! Nice piece of advice, Matthew!

Danielle Radcliffe

It came as a shock for Harry Potter fans when Daniel Radcliffe went on to confess that he had alcohol addiction when he was 20. As mentioned before, being a child star, all the money and glitz and glamor kind of made him dizzy. He got addicted to alcohol and would even go to sets drunk. Radcliffe said that he was constantly apprehensive about whom he might meet and what he might say to them. So, he went ahead and closed himself up and lived a life of a recluse and drunk all alone. Thankfully, he has sobered up now. Perhaps, it was the pressure of the public eye that led him to succumb to his addiction, but now, he seems to be doing better, having chosen a quieter lifestyle over the one that he had, and that is helping him apparently.

Kristen Johnston

Despite a soaring career graph, Kristen Johnston became a victim of substance abuse. Alcohol and painkillers made a mess of her body, especially her stomach. She has not been too shy about it and actually had penned it down quite humorously in her book, Guts, released in 2012. Thankfully, she has recovered, and she has been encouraging addicted people to go for the path of recovery, advocating sobriety as often as she can and standing up for ostracized addicts. She also wants the media to refrain from sensationalizing news related to celebs who are addicted. All that does is put another addict to shame, and they refuse to come forward and confess about their issues. Instead of going into rehab, they stay as they are.

Carrie Fisher

Who doesn’t love Carrie Fisher a.k.a. Princess Leia? Though she passed away in 2016, she will forever be best known by many for her role in Star Wars. She had been very candid and open about her addiction issues, having given brutally honest confessions when asked about her past. She had to get her stomach pumped once and even had electroconvulsive therapy. In her post-mortem reports, traces of cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy were found in her system as per sources. Carrie was one of those few people who refused to glorify addiction and treat it for what it was.

It is never too late to start your recovery process. The earlier you accept your condition and seek for help, the better. Learning from these celebrities who had realized how terrible addiction can be for their personal and professional life might help. They’re humans, too, and if they were able to achieve success in recovery, we can as well.

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