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Five Gift Ideas For Someone Who Is Recovering From Addiction

Addiction can bring about numerous consequences in an individual’s life. Whether it is someone you know or someone from your own family, you can’t help but sympathize for them. If you are a well-wisher, you need to be extremely careful as to how you should behave around them. For example, avoiding their triggers, not leaving money around them, and avoiding places and people with whom they used to hang out before. What becomes very difficult for most is finding a suitable gift for them on their birthdays, anniversaries, or during the holidays. Well, we have got your back here. Here are five gifting ideas for people who are in the recovery process.

Celebrity Books, Movies, Or Songs On Recovery

Several celebrities have gone through the recovery process themselves. And many of us are aware because their celebrity status has triggered a huge media frenzy. But despite all that, they have survived and got back on track. Often, they have written down their experience in their autobiographies and have shared it with the world. These books can be excellent as a gift for your loved one going through a similar phase. Famous English singer Boy George was addicted once, his autobiography, Take It Like A Man, records his addiction as well as the recovery process. Movies, like It’s All Gone Pete Tong, or music albums like Eminem’s Recovery are also great choices

The Gift Of an Experience

People who are in the process of recovery need companionship. There is no better way to spend time with them than to give them a gift where they can explore more about life, giving them a chance to discover that the world has much more to offer. For example, a hot air balloon trip to see the sunrise, a meal at a restaurant where you can’t see the food, or some cool adventure activity – it can be anything that tickles their senses and keeps them motivated. However, if you are giving the gift of a meal at a restaurant, it would be wise to stay away from places that serve alcohol.

Gift Cards

Gift cards from your loved one’s favorite stores can be another good idea. Cash is always needed, and you probably know that your loved one needs to buy something which they can’t afford right now because of all the money that has been spent on rehab. So why not give them that indirectly. No, not the cash though. Putting cash in their hands right now might make them tempted to buy alcohol or drugs, so instead, buy gift cards. Whether it’s from an online store or a physical one, everyone has gift cards or you can even request them. Helping them with their health insurance, educational loans, or a magazine subscription also counts.

Small Thoughtful Gifts That Might Keep Them Busy

If spending a lot is not your idea, then get small gifts that can keep them busy for hours. Rubik’s cube, anyone? There are several other similar gifts that might be small but keeps you going for a long time. People in the recovery process need engagement that will keep their minds away from their addiction. Hence, puzzles, musical instruments, and other activities that keep their mind preoccupied are great gifting ideas.

Self-help Books

There are a number of self-help books that focus on the journey of recovery. The Natural Mind, Free Rides: How To Get High Without Drinking, and Controlling Your Drinking are some of the best books in this genre. However, please keep in mind that the books you give them should reflect their own individual goals. If they feel like you are pushing your judgment on them, they might not even care to open the book however good it might be.

Judging addicts from the outside, and giving them sermons is an easy task. What is difficult is to empathize with them, be their friend, and become someone they can trust and rely on in their journey towards wellness. If you can become that person, consider it a great feat. Understanding them and loving them is more important than criticizing them for their actions. They might have done several wrong things, but since they are also putting some effort in trying to change themselves, it is your duty to support them. It would become easier for them if they have a constant support in their journey. All they need is love and trust.


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