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Why Are The First Few Days Of Sobriety A Struggle?

The initial days of sobriety are when it is toughest and the most problematic. For those who are fighting this battle, many find it hard to push through, but afterwards, things will get easier. But why are the first few days of sobriety always the hardest? The challenge is real, and the risks are high, hence, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Rehab can give these addicted people a new life — one that is more balanced and less chaotic than before. A sound physical and mental health is required for full recovery. But it is crucial to know the reasons that can trigger a relapse.

The Change Of Environment After Rehab

When you are in a rehab, you are among people who are either on their way to sobriety or at least still starting to practice it. The whole ambiance exudes a positive energy especially with motivators who keep you going, and therapists who take care of your on-going therapy. It is, however, completely different once you are out. First, you go back to your old life, and chances are, you might even encounter toxic people from your life who are probably still using drugs and alcohol. But if they keep offering you these, it is best to stay away from them. Granted, it is hard to stay away from places where people drink alcohol. Hence, it is best to have the contact numbers of your therapist or friends from your support group. Call them up during moments of weakness and see how encouraging words can keep you away from addiction.

Negative Emotions

Even though you have gotten your confidence back in the rehab, it is natural for all human beings to go through negative emotions at certain times. We have to remember that negativity might occur for various reasons, but it is important to remember to remain level-headed and never turn to your past addictions even when it’s a struggle. If you are triggered, get help from a counselor. A weekly counseling session might help you understand the root of those emotions, and you can fully eliminate them.

Celebrating Joy And Happiness

It might seem a bit weird that positive emotions like joy or excitement might remind you of your addiction, but it does. Often, we start drinking or taking drugs to celebrate a particular occasion. But try not to get overruled by these and surrender yourself to your vices again. Try to control yourself and your urges to go back to your past. In rehab, they teach patients emotional management, and this might come handy when you feel like you have lost control of yourself and tend to spiral into your old self.

Shame And Guilt

One of the main reasons people say yes to rehab is because of the guilt in their mind. The guilt stems from making all the wrong decisions which resulted to more trouble, and neglecting the people who matter. Additionally, it also arouses shame. However, in the first stage of recovery which can last for more than one month and less than a year, it is important for the recovering patient to let go of the guilt and the shame. Now that they are better, they can easily correct their wrongdoings, and spend more time with people they love. It is important to keep reminding them that their past should not affect their future. The guilt and shame of the past should remain there.

Cravings and Physical Issues

The first few months are really hard to deal with because of the cravings and physical issues. These issues can be dealt with by various kinds of coping mechanisms like meditation, relaxation techniques, regular prayers, and even medication. Most rehabs will make the patients aware of the cravings which may return again and again. These are hard times, and often people have a relapse which means they have to go back to the beginning in their journey to recovery.

In some cases, people recovering from substance abuse or alcoholism tend to get anxiety attacks. Though there are medications to ease or prevent these, being dependent on them is a bad idea. When it comes to trying to stay sober, our worst enemy is ourselves. So we have to keep fighting until we emerge victorious because in the end, it will all be worth the fight.

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