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The Most Dangerous Liquors You Could Ever Consume

Hard work takes a toll on someone, so man has concocted a mixture of drinks to relax his mind because all work and no play is no fun. There has been an increase in man’s creativity; he has invented drinks that pose a great danger to human organs. Curiosity has its downside, indeed.

 [su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.”Sammy Davis, Jr. [/su_quote]

You should avoid these drinks if you value your organs. 


This drink is dangerous not because of its content but the manner in which you consume it. Spirits are heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and inhaled through a straw to down this cocktail. As a result, you will get an intense high than your regular cocktails could give you. The vapor of the alcohol enters the bloodstream through your lungs, bypassing the liver and the stomach. That way, you avoid hangover and calories. Health experts warn that this is potent, and lawmakers consider banning the vapor-making devices.


This scourge (Everclear) contains 40-95 % alcohol. It is a distilled colorless and unflavored beverage that is processed out of maize. It can be mixed with other alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, and even fruit juices. However, it could send you to the emergency room.

Typically, Everclear is found in small doses in other drinks. Imagine 95 % alcohol in the hands of drunk teens and party people! That’s a disaster in waiting. In the presence of smokers, Eerclear could get the Fire Department busy for every party, and parties are everywhere (it is highly flammable). This is why Everclear is illegal in 14 states.



This could be one of the deadliest cocktails in your menu. Made with Lillet Blanc, lemon, absinthe, gin, and Cointreau, be ready to black out once you consume it. Absinthe could provoke violence among drinkers, and some people even say that four straight shots could even revive a corpse to life. 


This does not involve any terrorism, but it might as well have. It contains gin, rum and melon liqueur, vodka, and grain alcohol. New Orleans hand grenade may not seem different from other strong cocktails, but grain alcohol is pretty much like pure ethanol. Among the uses of ethanol are as a solvent, an antiseptic, a fuel additive, and a rocket fuel. See, now?


For years, this drink has been banned in many places due to many people being hospitalized after taking it. Four Loko is a mixture of caffeine and guarana, taurine, and alcohol. It was sold out as a drink, but authorities banned it due to adverse health effects.  


Purple drank is a recreational drug that is well accepted by a large portion of the United States Hip Hop community. The drink contains codeine and promethazine mixed with sprite or mountain dew. It has taken lives from its users through CNS and respiratory depressions. Purple drank has also been reported to have a narcotic that makes the consumer woozy and nauseous.


People still buy this drink even with its disturbing sight of a worm inside the bottle. The trend started in the 1940s. It is made out of a plan in Mexico, an agave plant, and is transported to Japan and the United States and across the three continents. Mezcal is considered as one of the most potent alcoholic drinks.

Made famous by pop culture, Absinthe is made out of wormwood and anise. It is considered as the brand diplomat of illegal drinks around the world. It has caused tuberculosis and epilepsy and was banned in the 19th century. 


The hurl hurl contains melon liqueur, crème de bananes, Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, Malibu coconut rum, triple sec, raspberry liqueur, peachsnaps, and amaretto. Among its contents, only cranberry is non-alcoholic, making it a recipe for potential alcohol poisoning.


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