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The Best Reasons Not to Use Drugs!

Most adults already know all of these, but if you are ever in a situation that you need to explain to a troubled teen why he or she should never use drugs, this article might be useful.

Drugs can—and already do—ruin a lot of lives, and it is almost impossible to repair the damage they can do. With the summer also come festivals, wild parties, and unmonitored group outings. Therefore, many teens will be tempted to use drugs that can be found in abundance out there, especially during a festival.

Convincing a teen that there is nothing to be gained from doing drugs can be a much more difficult task than anticipated. So, what are the best reasons to avoid their usage?

 Physical Addiction

The most well-known one; once you start using drugs, it is incredibly difficult to stop.Your body develops physical addiction because it tries to compensate for the disruption that drugs cause them by adjusting the levels of hormones it lets out, controlling neurotransmitters and other substances in your body.

This means that your body can slowly adjust and learn to work with the change in the chemistry of your brain that drugs can cause, but this means that whenever that brain is not on drugs, it will feel horrible.

Emotional Addiction

A much more dangerous addiction is the one caused by your emotions. A lot of people start using drugs to try and escape from their lives. Be it financial problems, bad life at home, too much stress at work or simply too much pressure from the society. However, drugs do not actually help you with the problem at all; they only help you forget about it for a very short time. The more drugs you use, the more dependent you become on them as a coping mechanism. This can and has led to people being emotionally unable to leave their rooms without getting high. While drugs do give you a short lived high, those highs are followed by much more severe lows.

 The cost

Drugs are expensive, and not simply because of the cost per gram, but because your body gets used to them and you need more and more as time goes by. A perfect example of that is heroin. A lot of people who got hooked on heroin and had their lives completely destroyed by it started by using very small amounts. When you start out on heroin, you might need as little as 10 dollars to get a high that will last you an entire evening, but your body is incredibly good at adapting to the changes you force upon it.

Every time you use heroin, your body builds up the resistance to its effects, which leads to the user having to take more and more until they start spending hundreds of dollars not even to get high, but simply to avoid the low of not being on heroin. This is why a lot of junkies are caught stealing from their friends, family or, loved ones. Even worse, you might start using cheaper ways to get high, which are not nearly as ‘safe’ as heroin.

 Lost potential

Even if a user, somehow, miraculously avoids any serious health complications or being arrested, drugs still ruin lives. That is a fact! Being high all the time takes away the drive to achieve any personal ambitions the user might have.

They do not feel like they need the gratification of success but focus simply on finally getting alone so they can get themselves high again. And, even if they manage to maintain their efforts and try and build a career, being branded as a junkie is not something that is easily surpassed later in life. Finding any high-paying job is really difficult and failing to succeed later in life can lead to them relapsing.


And, finally, the most serious reason drugs should be avoided at all costs. Overdose is, unfortunately, a common, constant threat for anyone using drugs. And being careful with the supplier is not actually going to protect an addict from overdosing. Just look at the number of celebrities who have died from using drugs, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Cory Montheit, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger and many others have died and they had the money to afford the highest quality drugs out there.

As we have said, developing immunity and not having the highs you have started with leads to addicts using more and more drugs until they overdose or mixing various chemicals to get the desired effect without consideration for their safety.

Whether they want to admit it or not, drugs kill people!

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