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Zoe Saldana Has a Bizarre Beauty Trick to Maintain Her Luscious Locks

Some people say it is never good to meet your celebrity heroes because you could end up being disappointed if their personalities are the complete opposite of their onscreen personas. This may be true with most actors but not with Zoe Saldana, who looks just as beautiful and fit in real life as she does in her blockbuster movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar which put her acting talent under the limelight. Saldana is a mother of three, and fans are simply amazed by her svelte frame and flawless skin.

Most of her childhood was split between New York City and the Dominican Republic, where she learned the benefits of organic beauty products. She said she has been following an all-natural skincare routine using everyday pantry essentials, instead of expensive beauty products and laser treatments. In the Dominican Republic, women use rum for more than just drinking. It’s also popular for its beauty benefits especially for bleaching hair naturally.

In her country, full-figured women were admired more but being naturally skinny, she found it hard to fit in. The other women thought she was sick because she was skinny but once she came to America, she realized that the beauty standards were a lot different.

Saldana opts for a healthy diet with home-cooked meals and fewer junk foods to keep her fit. She revealed her skin is not perfect because of the hormonal changes but she tries to stay flawless with organic products.

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