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TV Anchors And Their Salaries – See How Much They Earn On An Annual Basis

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – $3 million

A year before earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston College in 1999, Elisabeth had already joined the German multi-national company, Puma, and was taking home quite a handsome figure as her salary. However, she came to the forefront as a participant of the second season of the American version of the international reality competition, Survivor.

Even though she finished fourth, she had managed to win the audience’s hearts. Today, Elisabeth is a famous talk show host and an admired TV personality. Her stint as a co-anchor of the ABC talk-show The View earned her recognition and a Daytime Emmy Award as well. Her net earnings are almost $16 million, and her last reported annual salary is somewhere near $3 million. That’s cool enough!

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