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How Tom Cruise Spent Money to Keep His Unborn Baby Hidden From Doctors


Tom Cruise may be a legendary actor but he loves his space! Cruise doesn’t want people to invade his privacy and he is very particular about this rule. The actor who has made name as a highly religious man has a  daughter whose developing years were rare.  Tom bought a high-resolution ultrasound that was used throughout his estrange wife’s pregnancy.

It is prohibited for individuals to buy this machine and how Tom managed to get can be attributed to his wealth. Tom wanted the birth of Suri to be a private matter which was the reason why he got the machine at home. There were rules Katie, the wife of Tom had followed because of his religion. She was expected to stay silent while giving birth to Suri.

Even the medical staffs and doctors who attended the birth were prohibited from talking to help the baby stay away from trauma of any kind.

The couple had a quick divorce that ended up messier over the years because Katie was prohibited from dating anyone or get married for five years. Five years is gone, and the entangle pair are living their lives to the fullest.

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