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The Story Behind: Sophia Loren’s Chin Dimple


Sophia Lore is a Neapolitan beauty who has being a force in Hollywood. The actress who grew up in Italy  arrived the United States of America to change her life and career. While growing, she was called ‘Toothpick’ by other girls but all that changed when she started acting in some of the biggest movies of her time.

There is a scar on her chin or do we called it a war scar because shrapnel hit her during an air raid. Though, in her ear days in Hollywood, many didn’t like her face and wanted her to have plastic surgery.

The pressure was much when some producers told her that she got big mouth and long nose. The only thing that was going to make her look appealing was to go under the knife.

She refused the offer and stayed natural. Sophia was running to a shelter with her mother when she was hit on the chic.  Sophia has become one of the best actresses over the time over the decades. In her 80s, she is still strong and still beautiful.

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