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These Six Celebrities Overcame Terrible Accidents

Accidents do not come with any intimation, and when it does, it affects us in so many ways. Not only do we suffer physically, but it is a huge mental trauma as well. On top of that, it affects our finances when we have to pay the huge medical bills. As for celebrities, the mental and physical trauma is true for them, too. Though the financial aspect might be easier for them to handle, accidents can still have long-lasting effects. Despite that, several celebrities, who have been in terrible car accidents, have been able to overcome it all and still be successful in their lives. You won’t believe when you see the list of famous people who have been in car crashes! Here you go:

Stevie Wonder

August 6 is an important date in Stevie Wonder’s life. It was on this date when he was in a car accident after his cousin who was driving hit the back of a truck. He was sleeping at that time and suffered from serious head injuries. It was so bad that he lost his sense of smell and his sense of taste temporarily. He was only 23 and had his entire life in front of him. In fact, his career had taken off much earlier, and he was already experiencing huge success! Thankfully, he survived the terrible crash and years later, on the same date, his son Kwame was born. He believed that he survived the crash with divine interference so that he could continue working!

Gloria Estefan

Another top Hollywood musician, Gloria Estefan was involved in an accident when her tour bus crashed against a truck on a snowy highway back in the 1990s. Her vertebrae took the brunt of the impact and were broken and her husband suffered head injuries. Their 9-year-old son was not spared, too, as he suffered from neck injuries. Thankfully, Gloria fully recovered, having escaped total paralysis, though her doctors did tell her that there was a chance of that. With lots of therapy and medication, she was back on her feet and doing what she did best. Incidentally, she had installed an elevator at her place just a few days before the accident, and it was useful when she was bedridden.

Halle Berry

In 2000, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry was in a hit-and-run accident. She allegedly ran a red light and hit a car before fleeing from the scene. The driver in the other car suffered from a wrist injury, while Halle herself got a nasty gash on her forehead that required 22 stitches. She reached her home and then went to the medical center for treatment. However, the next morning, she reported the incident at the local police station. It was quite a serious case and she could have faced prison. Thankfully, she got community service instead.

Morgan Freeman

Veteran actor Morgan Freeman was involved in a life-threatening accident in 2008. He had a passenger with him, too — a woman who was not his wife. Apparently, he was giving her a ride back home after dinner. The accident left the car in such condition that the car had to be carefully cut to retrieve Freeman from the wreckage. His hand was severely injured and he suffered for a long time. He was also in a plane crash once but was uninjured. An emergency landing was necessary as his plane blew off a tire. Thanks to his pilot, they both emerged without a scratch!

Padma Lakshmi

Model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi was in a car accident when she was just 14. She was with her family when the car drove off the highway in Malibu and fell 40 feet down an embankment. She had a broken pelvis and several deep scars to handle. Though she properly recovered, the scars didn’t go away and for years, she was ashamed of them.  But the mature woman that she is now, she has realized that those scars are part of her body and has made her who she is today. Hence, we get to see a lot of her arm scar. She wouldn’t even want to resort to cosmetic surgery to permanently remove the scar from her arm. Yes, it must have been a traumatic event for her, but she has moved past it with a scar to prove her experience.

Sometimes, reading about the difficulties celebrities have gone through makes them more human and relatable. We realize that nobody is entitled to a picture-perfect life without worries, bad health, or accidents. But how we overcome them makes us great.

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