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How Rapper Lil Wayne Is Winning His Struggle With Seizures


Who doesn’t know Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is never afraid to spat words like fire whenever he rapped. The American rapper got wealth and a beauty family but epilepsy has affected his health these few years.  There was a day in 2012 when he was jet bound for Los Angeles and ended in hospital upon arrival because of seizure abroad the airplane.

At the onset, it was like a child’s play that would disappear like a dream but the episodes increased over the years that he started visiting hospital often.    Well, the rapper is not shying away from his illness and had revealed that he was prone to seizures and also an epileptic patient.

Most recently, shows after shows have been cancelled but that has not stopped our man from doing what he loves most, music. He has told us he was retired but he is still on doing music. Though, he has not made many songs as he used to do over the years. Each time he steps out on stage, there is fire and admiration from fans around the world.  Now, that Wizzy as he is fondly called has settled his feud with Cash Money, we await more music in future.

When the rapper was twelve, he accidentally shot himself with his mother’s gun. The case of the gun arose when his mother stopped him from rapping.

Back to his health issue, Lil Wayne is doing everything possible to ensure that he stays safe from seizures.   It has not been a smooth ride for him since he developed the seizures. The rapper has not given up on making others happier with his songs.

We ask again, who doesn’t know Lil Wayne?



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