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Nicole Scherzinger’s Struggles With Eating Disorder and How She Overcame It

When you have lived in a city like London for so many years, you may find it hard adjusting to the bustling metropolis of New York. But once you’ve lived there for long enough, the city grows on you and you realize that nothing else compared to it. Many celebrities, including Nicole Scherzinger, have a soft spot for the beautiful NYC. The former Pussycat Doll loves its tall buildings, Dishoom curries, and the mulled wine.

Nicole’s love for food inspires her to travel to different countries. Take, for instance, Italy, which is one of her favorite countries because of its food.

Sadly, the singer once suffered from bulimia, a condition that made her a prisoner in her own body. She found solace in fitness, which has kept her fit and healthy over the years. She does hiking, yoga and cardio workout most of the days she is free.

When it comes to food, Nicole enjoys smoked salmon and eggs on toast or porridge for breakfast. She eats sushi or soup for lunch and dinner ranges from rice to pasta with a side of vegetables and meat. Nicole craves unhealthy foods like French fries, Mexican treats, cheesy pasta, nuts, and coconut water. The best health advice she has received was loving and accepting herself, getting enough sleep and drink lots of water.

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