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Nick Cannon’s Strange Sickness that No Amount of Fame or Fortune Can Cure


Money cannot solve every problem! Ask Nick Cannon who is one of the richest and most successful celebrities in Hollywood, but despite all that fame and fortune, he is suffering from a serious health condition that no amount of money can cure.

Ever since Selena Gomez revealed that she is suffering from Lupus, people are paying more attention to this rare autoimmune disease that had previously gone unnoticed. Not even exercise or good diet can curb a disease like lupus – and Gomez isn’t the only one struggling with this debilitating condition. Cannon also revealed that he is suffering from the auto-immune disorder.

Cannon feels guilty whenever his chronic disease flares up – which often results in a trip to the hospital or bed rest. Cannon was  first diagnosed with this illness in 2012 and when he first found out, he thought the world would collapsed around him. Nevertheless, the actor remained strong and determined, and was eventually able to control the disease with the medical attention.

He follows a special diet and exercise plan that keeps him healthy and happy but not a single night goes by when he doesn’t feel pain in his body due to the disease.

Lupus is a disease that is difficult to live with and hard to diagnose, but most importantly, it is almost impossible to cure. The side effects can range from organ failure to heart attack to skin rashes. Cannon said that he doesn’t look sick, however there are moments when he is bounded to his bed when he wakes up. Cannon would have to live with lupus for the rest of his life because it has no cure.

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