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Meghan Markle’s Weird Porridge Face Mask You MUST Try, It Works!

Meghan Markle likes her porridge – not as breakfast but actually as a face mask. You heard it right! The Duchess joined hundreds of other celebrities who love weird beauty routines, from masks made out of snail mucus to blood facials. Lucky for us, Meghan’s beauty routine is pretty straightforward, although the concoction is slightly strange for a face mask. But hey, if it’ll give us glowing skin like Markle’s, we’re ready to give it a try!

The concoction involves porridge oats, honey, and coconut oil that exfoliates the Duchess’ skin. To brighten her complexion, she mixes turmeric into the weird paste but that didn’t put us off from trying it ourselves.

According to Nicola Joss, the porridge face mask is effective in enhancing the skin’s texture since it acts as a natural exfoliator. Meghan has revealed that her porridge is a cure-all to hack that soothes the skin. Who wouldn’t want to try this amazing concoction on their face?

While many people envy the Duchess for marrying one of the most handsome Princes in the world, we are more envious of her flawless skin and glowing complexion. Her lavish wedding inspired so many to copy her natural makeup look. While the world awaits the arrival of her royal baby, the Duchess has broken many royal protocols. She recently hired Lauren Mishcon to support the Duchess during delivery, a rare occurrence in the family.

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