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Liv Tyler Hasn’t Aged Since Lord of the Rings, Here’s the Secret to Her Youth

Someone tell us how 41-years old Liv Tyler still manages to look 20 years younger than her real age. We all remember the gorgeous actress from her role in ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ as Arwen Undomiel, but what has really blown up away is the fact that she looks as young as she did in the film a decade ago.

It seems like Tyler has found a magic spell to stop time because she hasn’t aged a day since we last saw her in the beautiful elf’s role. We all want to know her secret for flawless, youthful skin, and the actress is finally revealing how she has managed to reverse aging. Tyler initially wanted to become a musician but she crossed paths with Hollywood and a few film roles changed her life.

Tyler revealed that she follows a strict skincare regimen to keep her skin glowing and healthy. She learned about skin care and makeup from her mom, Bebe Buell, and grandma, Dorothea Johnson. At six, she got into the habit of applying moisturizer every night after her bath and learned never to go to bed without washing her face.

Tyler revealed that investing a little effort into caring for your skin, hair, and body can pay off with excellent result. She believes that exfoliation opens the doors to flawless skin by removing dead cells and revealing a new layer of skin from underneath. Every week, she takes her bath with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a box of Epsom salts or a packet of baking soda. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and salts releases the toxins in her body.

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