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Katherine Heigl Spills Secret on How She Lost 50 Pounds After Pregnancy

Celebrities always have a pressure to look good on camera and red carpet events which is why they invest a fortune on personal trainers, nutritionists and expensive foods to keep themselves shape. Some stars, however, take healthy living to an extreme and their strict regime is almost impossible for people like us to follow. On the other hand, some lucky celebrities, blessed with good genes (and probably a great plastic surgeon) don’t stress themselves trying to follow any regime. Katherine Heigl falls under the latter group.

Heigl compared herself to other celebrities when it comes to workout. She said that she doesn’t have the discipline to start a two hour a day workout regime and she doesn’t eat expensive packaged meals, leaving her in between those who eat more and workout more.

Heigl recently lost over 50 pounds after giving birth. The actress says that the secret to her weight loss is eating more mindfully and making healthy food choices. Heigl doesn’t believe in following any diet fads because she knows that they only offer temporary results. Instead, she focuses on eating more of the healthy foods that keep her satiated. This way she is able to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time.

The actress is completely unaware of the hard work some female celebrities have to put in to get the body of their dream. She was astonished at the level of commitment these ladies have when it comes to following a strict diet and workout regimen.

Heigl admits that she is too lazy and love eating. She says that she’d rather use her free time for something else than spent it working out. A lot of people would admire Heigl’s honesty and true nature but what works for her may not work another person. Exercising and eating properly are good for health. Some women are like Heigl while some need to exercise more and adopt healthy eating habit to stay in shape.

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