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How Kate Walsh Found Out About Her Brain Tumor


Kate Walsh’s life came to a halt in 2015 when she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.  We wonder what must have crossed her mind. It was not a great news but she was given hope by her medical team.  The shock of the news was something she couldn’t imagine. Of course, she was so scared because she was not away what was happening to her body.

The first thing she did was to begin her meditation again.  Those around her became confused just like she was.  Some of her friends erroneously thought she was passing through a depression stage when she had her shows cancelled.

After she had convinced her doctor to allow her get a scan, she went in for an MRI. She was called to see the radiologist after the scan and the image seen on her brain was explained to her as a meningioma brain tumor.

When she heard the news, she left her body and had to look at the image over and over again. A few days after her MRI, she went in for surgery and the tumor was removed.  She recovered even though it involved challenges like exhaustion and consuming anti-seizure.

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