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These Celebrities Have Insane Net Worths, So It Makes Sense That They Drive These Cars & Live In These Houses

Jeff Bezos: Founder Of Amazon – $137 Billion

Everyone knows Jeff Bezos as 1. the founder of Amazon, which truly changed the world for the better and 2. he is number 2 on the list of the worlds wealthiest. Bezos has recently made headlines again, this time for something very different than his normal tech-updates. It was announced that he and his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, are divorcing and that he is dating former TV Anchor Lauren Sanchez, who is also going through a divorce from her husband Patrick Whitesell. This has left many people curious as to how much money she might actually get from their settlement – if she gets even less than half it will make their divorce the most expensive of all time. After hearing the news, we decided to look into his assets and to be honest, we weren’t shocked by what we found. Bezos owns two homes in Beverly Hills, one in Washington D.C., four condos in Manhattan and an additional two homes in Seattle! Besides owning multiple houses, and a private jet, Bezos tries to remain humble by driving your average 1996 Honda Accord. We hope their divorce goes smoothly and we’re looking forward to see if his overall net worth changes after everything is finalized.

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