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These Celebrities Have Insane Net Worths, So It Makes Sense That They Drive These Cars & Live In These Houses

Paul McCartney: Musician – $1.2 Billion

He is the last remaining member of the Beatles Fab Four, and Sir Paul McCartney would deservingly feature near the top of just about any list. With a massive $1.2 billion in his bank accounts, we think his $15.5 million triplex in Manhattan was not a bad investment at all. One of the most prolific pop musicians of all time, Sir McCartney has already sold more than 100 million singles. Also, his Ashton Martin DBS could easily fetch him $2.9 million. We are quite sure that he has already bought more than one retirement houses — the Manhattan pad being one of the many.



Mackenzie Bezos – $137 Billion

Mackenzie Bezos could soon be one of the wealthiest women worldwide after she and husband, Amazon CEO/founder as well as the world’s richest person, announced their decision to divorce after nearly 25 years of marriage. Considering the scale of who is directly involved with this divorce, their settlement could make it one of the largest divorce settlements ever, as well as the most expensive. Mackenzie and Jeff currently share the same net worth as they are still technically married, but because they were married long before Amazon was founded, the laws in their home state of Washington, explicitly say that “all assets acquired during a marriage can be split equally” – meaning Mackenzie could walk away with half of her husband’s net worth. The two of them together own multiple million-dollar houses throughout the United Sates, including areas like Medina, Washington and Beverly Hills, California – each worth $25 million dollars or more. Whether or not Jeff and Mackenzie actually split this incredible fortune down the middle, Mackenzie will still be leaving with a few billions to her name and maybe a house or two.

Trevor Noah: Comedian, TV Host – $30 Million

The talented TV host, actor, and comedian Trevor Noah splashed about $20 million on his new five-bedroom abode in Los Angeles but he could well afford it. He has acquired a net worth of $30 million over the years. His new house is completely equipped for having a great time with friends since it features a home theatre, an infinity pool, and many other amenities. Noah is famous for hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Last year, he was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world!

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