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These Celebrity Couples Are Living Proof That True Love Exists No Matter How Famous They Are

Elizabeth Berkley and Greg Lauren – 16 years

The reality show star made it big with her portrayal of Jessie Spano in Saved by the Bell. You might have also caught her as Nomi Malone in Showgirls. She began her career as a teenage model before she decided to embark on a journey as an actress. Berkley has also made a name for herself as an animal rights activist. She entered into a marital alliance with Greg Lauren in 2003 and the couple welcomed their first child in 2012.

The painter-turned fashion designer and the actress are often seen hanging out for dates and was recently spotted at the 50th-anniversary event of Ralph Lauren in NYC. Their intimate bonding was pretty evident and if the glow on Elizabeth’s face is anything to go by, the two are having one of the most fantastic relationships.

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