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The Aftermath of Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant


Selena Gomez has seen the best and ugly part of life. The sweetheart of millions of fans around the world has impressed us with her love story and music career. Yet, health has not been favorable to her. We know how she has suffered as a lupus patient but her kidney transplant brought tears to her fans.  When the singer wanted a kidney for her transplant, her best friend, Francia Raísa decided to give up one of her kidneys.

That transplant could have killed the singer but she pulled through. Raísa talked about how Gomez and her fought to recover from their surgeries.  Selena has a complication after the surgery while Raísa couldn’t eat and drink.  Selena had broken an artery after her surgery and was scared of losing her life.

The surgery that happened in 2017 was what the singer needed for her overall health.

Gomez has been battling with lupus, a condition that has stolen her from the social media often.  Gomez being a fighter has not allowed the autoimmune disease to take away her happiness. When she is strong, she is out to live beautifully and strong and when she is down, she still fights to make it out on time for her fans.

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