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Stunning Health Benefits of Acai Berry

In today’s bustling world, stress is a common thing. Human stressors include polluted environment, processed foods, work, and intrapersonal relationships.  Most people lack time to take care of themselves and their skin. As such, they develop wrinkles on their skin at a young age. And since there is no time for it, they mostly rely on synthetic anti-aging products as remedies. 

However, these products do more harm than good. For one, these chemicals alter the skin’s natural processes, destroying its natural glow. They are also expensive to purchase. Do you know a single solution to your skin problems?  them. The answer to that is acai berry! Let us discover how acai berry can help us restore our natural skin glow.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]  “Berries are the healthiest fruit, offering potential protection against cancer and heart disease, boosting the immune system and acting as a guard for the liver and brain.”Michael Greger [/su_quote]

 The Origin of Acai Berry 

Acai Berry comes from the Acai Palm tree, which originated from Central and South America. It is a small fruit that is dark purple with juicy pulps. “Acai” is a regional native word that means “ fruit that cries.” For those who didn’t know, Acai Berry is one of the main foods for indigenous people who live in the Amazon. Recently, Acai Berry is now becoming a superfood in the United States. Here are some of acai berries’ stunning benefits:

  • Acai products are increasingly popular in the USA, marketed for weight loss and anti-aging properties.
  • –Acai fruit pulp has been proven to be a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) oral contrast agent.
  • –This superfood is on the top of the tasty sensation lists.

 Acai Berry Contains Antioxidant and Anti-aging Properties

The berries naturally contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are necessary for the restoration of the skin’s health and young look. They also reduce the risk of acquiring diseases such as cancer. Acai berries cleanse the kidneys and liver, flushing out all the toxins in the body. Studies reveal that acai berry is richer in antioxidants than raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, goji berries, and blueberries.

Furthermore, acai berries aid in your weight loss quest. They suppress the appetite and fight heart diseases while improving the overall metabolic functions. Therefore, if you are struggling to shed off some weight, you should start eating these berries. You do not have to worry about spiking up your blood sugar when eating them either since they are naturally low-glycemic.

 Creative Ways of Incorporating Acai Berries In Your Diet

 Acai Berry Trifle

Are you the kind of people who prefer to have a great dessert? If so,  acai berry trifle is what you need.  Try this perfect mixture of chia seeds and almonds blended with coconut milk. The tasty combination keeps you geared and revved up in blissful health.

 Acai Berry Smoothie

If you have no time to eat berries in one piece and you prefer to have them in one gulp, blend acai berry into a smoothie. You can also add other healthy foods to your pack, such as chia seeds, spinach, and cucumber. Smoothies are great for to breakfast if you are busy with your daily schedule.

 Acai Berry Cheesecake

If you are up for some sweet pastries and are a fan of cheesecakes, why don’t you try an acai berry cheesecake? With creamy coconut, vanilla filling and an acai berry topping, this vegan “cheesecake” can make a delightful breakfast ar a nutritious snack or dessert. This is a perfect choice for you like to binge as it will enable you to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty or worrying about gaining weight.  You will surely love it!

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