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Skin Care Basics To Help You Reduce Wrinkles

If you want to keep your skin looking young and without any blemishes, you should begin with the essentials. You don’t have to spend lots of money to visit dermatologists or salons; rather, utilize these tips to prevent wrinkles from developing.

These skin care basics will not take much of your time or impose you with unwanted costs. You should just avoid the sun, wear protective clothing, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, use a moisturizer, and avoid smoking. Finding it difficult to believe keeping wrinkles away is this easy? If so, let us give you some more tips on how to deal with this problem.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“Beauty is in the skin! Take care of it, oil it, clean it, scrub it, perfume it, and put on your best clothes, even if there is no special occasion, and you’ll feel like a queen. If society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political. Otherwise, why would the imams order us to hide it?”  Fatema Mernissi[/su_quote]

 Sleep on your back 

Sleeping in different positions every night could lead to sleep lines or wrinkles. These become etched on the upper layers of the skin and don’t fade away after you wake up. Sleeping on your sides can also lead to wrinkles on your cheeks and chin while sleeping face down can give you a furrowed brow.

 Have more salmon

Cold water fish such as salmon are a great source of protein, which is one of the blocks of building great skin. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Experts have an opinion that essential fatty acids nourish the skin to keep it looking youthful and minimize wrinkles.

 Get reading glasses rather than squint

Your facial expressions such as squinting can exert pressure on the skin. They also work on the facial muscles to make grooves beneath the surface of the skin. These grooves eventually become wrinkles. Therefore, you should keep your eyes wide and wear reading glasses if necessary. Besides preventing you from squinting, reading glasses also protect your eyes from sun damage.

 Use Alpha hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxy acids can remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This is helpful in reducing the appearance of pores, surface wrinkles, and fine lines, particularly around the eyes. AHAs may even boost the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is the protein that strengthens the skin, making it firm. Using AHAs will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, do you must also wear sunscreen.

 Wash your face but don’t overdo it

Water from the taps can strip your skin of moisture and natural oils, which are useful against wrinkles. When you wash your face frequently, you are removing its natural protection. Therefore, you should use soap with moisturizers, a gel or a cream cleanser if you don’t want wrinkles to develop.

 Do not ignore vitamin C

Vitamin C can boost the amount of collagen produced by the skin according to studies. Vitamin C also protects the skin from damage by UVA and UVB rays and helps to reduce uneven skin, dark spots and redness. You will, however, have to use a skin product with the right type of vitamin C. You can choose L-ascorbic acid because it is the best product for wrinkle relief.

 Use soy 

Soy can improve the appearance of the skin and also offer it protection. Studies show that when soy is applied to the skin or taken as a supplement, it can even protect and heal the skin against sun damage. It is helpful for making the structure of the skin firm while giving it an even skin tone.

 Substitute the morning coffee with cocoa

Cocoa, which has high levels of two antioxidants can be a tastier drink than coffee and also help to reduce wrinkles. Cocoa contains epicatechin and catechin, which protect the skin from sun damage, retain moisture, make the skin look and feel smoother, and improves blood flow to the skin cells.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“Skin care must be good enough to eat!”  ― Joanna Runciman[/su_quote]

Worried about the fine lines on your face and wondering what you can do to remove them?Try the tips above as they are good solutions from the comfort of your home.

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