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Seven Tricks to Ensure Ageless and Ever Green Beauty

If only machines could buy eternal beauty, women would have spent fortunes over it. Some celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres say age is just a number but this number presents a problem when the aging signs start to manifest. Some people are fortunate that they show aging signs in their late 40s, whilst some start as early as the late 20s. The fact of the matter is the circumstances that age you not the years adding up in your life. People take the assistance of surgeries and Botox but the results would never always be promising.

According to a report revealed by World Health Organization, aging will be accelerated by 12% – 22% from 2015 to 2050. These facts are worrisome for especially when you love your skin that you cannot imagine it wilting right before your eyes. To exterminate the concerns of people who fear aging, we have gathered here a few tricks that are going to ensure timeless beauty. Following are some of the anti-aging tips:

Get Plenty of Vitamin D in your Body:

Expose your body to sunshine as it the natural source of vitamin D. Medical science has revealed that low levels of vitamin D in your body may indicate osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. According to another research people who do not get enough of sunshine vitamin in their bodies have 26% higher risk of early deaths than the ones who have it in abundance. You should also drink fortified milk for it acts as anti-aging agent.

Keep your Body and Heart in Motion:

As cliché as it may sound, but yes it does literally mean to move yourself if you wish to stay young. People, who walk daily, put their bodies in motion and exercise, keep their hearts fueled, are likely to be forever young. When you avoid any exercise even walking for five minutes, your mortality rate goes up dramatically. So a little walk for five to fifteen minutes adds a lot to your life. You’ll notice the signs even on your face when you inculcate walk in your daily routine.

Skip Beef and Pork:

It hurts even to write but you have to cut red meat off your diet if you want to slow the aging process. People who eat beef and meat on daily basis have a 30% more likelihood of dying early. Not just that beef and pork tend to accelerate heart diseases. So avoid both these protein forms.

Cleansing is Vital:

It is absolutely imperative that you cleanse your skin and face daily before hitting your bed. Women put on makeup products and if that doesn’t come off at night you would age exponentially. Use a good moisturizer after cleansing your skin as it opens up your pores and your skin breathes the required oxygen.


You don’t have to take a beauty regime or go to parlours and spend fortunes on their exfoliation treatments. Instead, you could do it on your own in your home. Cleansing and then once a week exfoliation are mandatory. It gets rid of the dead skin cells; it minimizes the risk of pimples and wrinkly lines on the face.

Stay hydrated:

Yes, you may need to use washrooms a little more often than regular but drinking plenty of water is only good for your blood, your skin and in short your health. It is not a mundane ritual since it adds years to your life. Make sure your daily intake of water is from 8-10 glasses of water.

Moisturize daily:

Moisturize your skin externally too. Use a good cream at night and even for daytime outside travels. In winter moisturizing does wonders on dry and patchy skins and in summer, even a tad bit of it could add glow. Make sure you follow the routine to stay forever young and charming.

To sum it up, you cannot just put a stopple to aging because that’s natural. The maximum you could do is slow down the process so you could enjoy your life to the fullest and eat to the healthiest.

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