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Do You Moisturize Your Skin The Wrong Way? Let’s Find Out.

Yes, there are wrong and right ways for skin moisturizing. If you have noticed that your moisturizer doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, you are probably using the wrong application technique. True, the product itself may be bad or past its expiration date, but let’s first check your technique before we place the whole blame on the product itself.

Why do we want to moisturize the skin in the first place? Well, if you want younger-looking skin, moisturize away! When the skin is dry, lines and wrinkles become prevalent, making it look dull and lifeless. Still, moisturizing creams have to be applied properly to get the full benefits from it.

These are some pieces of advice for the proper usage of moisturizing creams.

 Rub it carefully

Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we tend to just put the moisturizing cream on without rubbing it on our skin carefully. What we should always do is to apply it gently, in upward circular motion. This is important because when we are creating friction between our hands and the skin, it can cause some of the water content in the moisturizer to evaporate before it even gets a chance to work. Also, tugging and pulling on the skin can damage the skin and thus lead to premature aging and wrinkles.

So, take your time and do it carefully. You should also be careful around the eyes area as it is extremely sensitive.

 Don’t apply moisturizer on dry skin

This is because your dry skin usually has a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface which creates a layer that may prevent the moisturizer to penetrate the skin fully. You should first exfoliate your skin and apply the moisturizer afterward.

For exfoliation, you can use a gentle scrub with raw honey and yogurt. Then take a shower, and before the dampness on your skin evaporates, apply the moisturizer.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “At the end of the day, the best wrinkle is the one you never get!”Katie Rodan [/su_quote]

 Be careful when buying a new moisturizer

Since you have to change the type of moisturizer you use from time to time, you should pay attention to what you are buying. The perfect solution would be a natural product that works right for your unique skin type. Generally, drier skin types do well with coconut oil, while those with an oily skin may get more benefits from grapeseed or avocado oil.

 You need a moisturizer even if your skin is oily

Yes, even though your skin is oily, it needs to be moisturized from time to time. It doesn’t matter if it already feels greasy. It can become unbalanced, especially if you have clogged pores, and irritated skin. Your skin can react due to lack of moisture, and it may start to produce even more oil to try to balance itself out.

 Be consistent

Your skin likes a routine. Therefore, if you apply your moisturizer twice a day for a month, and then go for several days applying only once a day, your skin will react. It will become dry, and your pores may clog, or respond with more production of oil. As such, whatever your routine is, stick to it.

 Apply your moisturizer everywhere on your skin

The skin is the largest organ in a human body, and it works as a unified system. Therefore, you should treat all its parts equally. Simply apply your moisturizer over the entire body when you get out of the shower/bath. But there is only one catch here — different body parts may require different moisturizers.

 Don’t use the same moisturizer always

Since the skin changes as you age, you should change your moisturizer accordingly. It will probably require different ingredients in your 30s than it did in your 20s, and so on. Also, if the climate changes, your skin may start behaving differently, so it may require less or more moisturizer.

When you are undergoing some hormonal changes, your skin also changes. Also, if you change your diet,  it will change. Therefore, you should always watch for signs that your skin gives — do not give it more moisturizer if it doesn’t need it and vice versa. Just follow the change, and it will serve you well.

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