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What It Is Like To Dress According To Your Age

In an age where we are striving for free thinking, moving away from negative body images and trying to do away with all kinds of hypocrisy that paralyze our society might raise a few eyebrows. Questions might pop up about how society should not stop us from being ourselves, and hence, we can definitely wear whatever we want whenever we want. While style is ageless and no one should ever dictate what you can and cannot wear, you should also take into consideration your body type. With age, we do change, more so our bodies. So how we dress up should go according to the changes in our body. Be realistic about the whole aging phenomenon. You might have a heavy upper body and yet you love wearing body-hugging clothes. But think again, will it look as good on you as it used to years back? So here are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing clothes as you age.

Body Type

For both genders, it is important to embrace your age and keep in mind the fact that you are not 17 anymore. Of course, if you have a body and skin like a movie star, you can get away with pretty much anything. From gorgeous two-piece bikinis to mini skirts, you can rock them all. But if not, you need to think again. Is your waistline the same as it used to be? Are your legs as toned as before? Is your upper body as firm as it was? When we dress up, we really want to look good, not for others, but for ourselves. But if you wear something you love and look in the mirror only to find that your outfit is unflattering, will you still wear it? The most critical factor here is that it will kill your confidence, too. Try and find clothes that do not hide your body but make you feel good about the way you look and comfortable enough. When that happens, your confidence will get a big boost.

Occasion Type

It is important to know what you are dressing for. You can’t wear the same things for a party and then to a grocery store. So, dress according to the occasion. If it is an event that requires you to doll up and look hot and gorgeous, go for it. However, looking hot in your late teens and post 40 or 50 years of age can be different. Instead of showing a lot of skin, keep it subtle. Choose a good fabric and make sure the fittings are perfect. It truly helps that you are more confident and matured now than you used to be – that itself should help you feel good.

Personality Type

We all have different personalities, and most of us have dressed according to it all our lives. You don’t have to lose your personality type and constantly dress in a certain way now that you are old. The key here is to add a bit of class to whatever you are wearing. Sporty, romantic, dramatic – don’t lose the real you. Just tone down if you need to and make the ensemble feel less like a costume. Younger people get away with a costume like a dress, but it becomes difficult when you get older.

The Message You Want To Communicate

This is another important aspect of dressing which is critical for all ages. The kind of message you want to give away depends a lot on your clothes. Your workplace attire might speak of a decent, hard-working person who has a no-nonsense attitude, but while hanging out with friends, you would want to give off a friendly vibe. However, there are tons of ways to play around your accessories and makeup that can change your office look instantly to one that exudes fun and friendliness. So, yes, makeup and accessories play a big role in the way you look. Just don’t overdo it as that can be disastrous. Too much of anything might make you look like a fashion faux pas and make you old, too!

The final word about dressing is that you should feel comfortable in your own skin; nothing can be hotter than confidence and a winning smile. Hence, don’t concentrate too much on what’s wrong to wear after 40. If it looks good and classy on you, go for it!

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