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Hidden Health Benefits of Coconuts & How It Can Help Your Diet


Huge swaying coconut trees might be great to look at, but they are actually extremely healthy as well. Not many people are aware of the hidden benefits coconuts have to offer us. In fact, coconuts are not just great for eating, but they’re also extremely beneficial for the body as well. Coconuts are slowly returning into our kitchens; the new ‘superfood’ is packed with vital nutrients. They are rich in fiber and offer a host of other benefits to the human body and mind. From its uses in the culinary world to being a major ingredient in beauty products, coconuts are here to create a lasting impression on the world. Here’s a look at the top health benefits of using and eating coconuts:

Include Coconut Oil in your Diet:

Coconut Oil is rich in good fats, or healthy saturated fats that actually help to burn fat faster, providing your body with energy. They also help to raise good cholesterol within your blood stream, which means less risk of heart diseases. When coconut oil is used to cook, the fats in it are immediately processed into energy by the liver, instead of being stored in your body as fats. However, before purchasing coconut oil from the store, remember hydrogenated coconut oil is as bad as any other oil. Look for cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil for best results. Coconut oil is also vegan-friendly and can be used in both cooking and baking. Its high smoke point makes it great for addition in salads or for drizzling atop foods too.

Coconut helps in treating Alzheimer’s:

Coconuts are rich in MCFA Fats which help in memory retention and recent studies have shown that absorption of these fats induces the live to produce ketones. Ketones provide energy to the brain without producing glucose or insulin, and because Alzheimer patients cannot product insulin easily, the ketones provide a much-needed source of energy. This aids in providing better brain function, thus slowing down brain deterioration and halting the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Use Coconut Oil for Pretty Hair & Skin:

Even today many people use coconut oil instead of synthetic hair oil and creams. The nourishing property of coconut oil keeps hair soft, glossy and smooth and provides great moisturizing properties to the skin as well. Coconut oil works wonders on dry skin, so rub some all over your body to keep winter dryness away, or add a few a drops in your bath water to smell wonderful all day. Coconut oil is also known for its anti-aging properties, providing protecting from sun damage, wrinkles and brown spots.

 Choose Coconuts to Lose Weight & Fight Heart Diseases:

Eating a serving or raw coconut can encourage the body to burn fats faster, and because coconuts are rich in MCFA fats, burns the fat and converts into energy and curbs hunger. Raw coconut consumption also promotes healthy weight. The good saturated fats in coconut help to boost good cholesterol or HDL and convert the bad cholesterol or LDL into HDL, reducing the risk of high blood pressure. When a person continues to consume coconut in different forms, especially coconut oil, their risk of suffering heart troubles reduces by a great deal.

Give your Body an Immunity Boost:

Special fatty acids (caprylic, lauric and capric) in coconut meat give it anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which help to boost the immune system and fight pathogens. Research shows that ‘Monolaurin’, present in coconut fat helps the body to fight viruses, and the essential oils in coconut also help against the growth of Candida, which is a yeast naturally present in our body and can grow out of control due to certain negative factors.

Curb Health Troubles & Prevent Cancer with Coconut Diet:

Those suffering from chronic inflammation, arthritis and other ailments can try using coconut in various forms within their diet. Being low in glycemic index, coconut sugar will not affect your blood sugar adversely, making it safe for consumption if one is Diabetic. Consumption of raw coconut oil can heal inflammation and relieve arthritic pain. Also, the production of ketones aids in prevention of cancerous tumor cells. In fact, many alternative medications list coconut as a main ingredient because it can aid in recovery after cancer.

Coconuts are great; they’re great to eat and they’re wonderful to use even after consumption. In fact every part of the coconut tree is usable; it’s leaves and trunk, the coir and fibers and of course, its tender flesh and sweet water make for a wonderful detoxifying drink. So coconut up and relish its numerous benefits!

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