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Have You Heard About ‘Niacin’? The Vitamin That Can Apparently Perform Wonders To Aging Skin

Have you kept track of the damages that your skin has gone through when you were in your teens? You didn’t realize that until the time you entered your thirties and forties, right? As time goes by, your cells’ capacity to repair themselves decelerates. Owing to that, your skin starts suffering from hyper-pigmentation, dryness, loss of elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles begin showing up. A healthy and a nutritious diet, along with a proper skincare regime can supply essential nutrients to your skin and help them to repair and make it stress-free. Niacin is one such essential nutrient that can do wonders to your skin. There are ample reasons why the ingredient is now being hailed as a ‘superfood’.  Here’s an explanation as to why.

The Effects Of Niacin

Niacin is also known as niacinamide, nicotinic acid, or vitamin B3 and plays a major role in helping the body carry out some essential functions, such as energy metabolism, cell signaling, DNA repair, and can convert fats, proteins and carbohydrates. During the early half of the last century, a lot of secrets about niacin were unveiled. People came to know that a good amount of dietary niacin can help in curing pellagra, a deadly skin disease. It must be remembered that the body cannot manufacture essential nutrients and they must be obtained from various external sources such as chicken, fish, turkey, beef, pork, peanuts, avocado, and mushrooms. Though consuming foods laden with niacin is imperative, the topical application of the nutrient can prove highly beneficial as well.

Benefits of Topical Niacin

After you consume niacin orally, it must be digested before the nutrient gets broken down, bioconverted, and then circulated to all parts of your body. When you apply niacin directly to your skin, the process of digestion is skipped.  The skin absorbs concentrated amounts of niacin where it gets bioconverted to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), its active form. NAD, a coenzyme, is utilized by the cells for DNA repair, enhance energy metabolism, and boosts protein and the repair hormone named leptin. Healthier skin cells are generated by consolidating the cellular matrix and reconstructing the protective shield of your skin. Over a few weeks, you would notice your skin undergoing noticeable changes. It becomes hydrated and brighter, the tone improves, and you gradually get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles that can be bothersome.

Can Niacin Cure Cancer?

It must be kept in mind that all topical niacin products are not the same. Niacin is actually a water-soluble vitamin and that implies it doesn’t have the ability to permeate deeply into the skin’s fatty layers. Hence, you need to avail a fat-soluble form of the vitamin. Products like Pro-Niacin are clinically proven to boost the supply of bioactive niacin to the basal cells. Its effectiveness has been well-proven and is considered to be a potential agent that may be used to prevent skin cancer, although there’s still no concrete clinical evidence. As per a number of studies, bioactive niacin helps in repairing damaged cells and generating apoptosis, a process that prevents the reproduction of the damaged cells.

Ways To Maximize Its Benefits

Niacin functions in synergy with other nutrients and that helps in enhancing the results. If you are looking for more powerful combinations, you can couple niacin either with Vitamin A or with Vitamin C. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are both skin-enhancing agents that have astounding effects on your skin when you apply them topically. Vitamin A is indispensable as far as wrinkle prevention is concerned. It boosts the renewal process of your skin. However, if you continue using it for a longer period of time, your skin might lose its ability to retain moisture. Consequently, the skin becomes prone to further damages. But, Vitamin C’s effects on your skin get amplified when you combine it with niacin.

Niacin has proved its effectiveness in curing many kinds of skin problems and has the potential of curing many skin-related problems that you have gone through till now. It’s indeed a superfood that has incredible effects on your skin health. Incorporating niacin into your daily diet improves skin health. But, if you topically apply it on your skin, you get better results. From now on, you know how to pamper your skin.

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