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Eight Foods that Promise Longevity, Health and Beauty

We often undermine the true value of life but going for unnatural and artificial products. We take supplements and aid of medicines to help us lead a healthy life when various fruits and vegetables are at arm’s length. Eating healthy food means preparing your body to be a combatant against the germs and diseases. It is imperative that we learn the nutritional value of every morsel that we consume. We have taken the liberty to outline health benefits of some of the most nutritious foods that we often ignore in our oblivion.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the famous saying is no short of being true. They are the powerhouse of energy and nutrition. Their nutritional profile indicates their antioxidant properties that our bodies require on the essential basis. Vitamin C is present in abundance along with vitamins and other dietary fibers that facilitate the digestive system. Apples have sufficient quantities of calcium and potassium too. Apples are a great source of preventing memory loss, diabetes and heart diseases.


Anything that is free of cholesterol is heavenly for your body. It is a proven fruit that relieves diarrhea and digestion issues. Because of no sodium it helps to lower the blood pressure, reduces chances of leukemia and lastly makes your heart stronger.


The humble vegetable is often neglected by most people. The oral way of supplying your body with hydration is the intake of celery. It has high water content. The electrolytes, vitamin K and antioxidants present in celery prevent cancer and treat arthritis. Joint pains are soothed by the regular intake of celery.


Your organs might thank you for eating broccoli for its high ratio of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Being rich in vitamin C prevents the aging process. Broccoli is the star of vegetables since it has every ingredient that your body requires to function in a healthy manner. The high levels of vitamin A, k and B complex, iron, zinc, phosphorus and phytonutrient reduce the effects of UV lights that we are all exposed to. In addition to it, osteoarthritis and bladder issues are taken care of. Bladder cancer and diabetes are also treated by it.


You should never have an excuse for not incorporating the cheapest vegetable on this planet in your diet. It is capable of doing wonders to your body as it reduces chronic inflammatory diseases, constipation, heart diseases and lastly maintains a bone structure.


Probably the best source of dietary magnesium and calcium is spinach. Being rich in iron helps to maintain hemoglobin levels at a satisfactory level. Proving to be beneficial for people with asthmatic problems is right up to the alley of spinach. It does monitor your blood pressure and keeps it at an optimum level.


This food goes beyond the definition of just providing nutrition. Inculcate even a small amount of it in your diet to reduce the risk of running chronic diseases. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, C and folic acid so they prove integral especially for expecting mothers. Beta-carotene and lutein regulate your muscle strength and the cancerous effects are reduced to the minimum.


It contains a plethora of nutritious bits including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, copper, selenium, folate, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, lycopene, zinc and choline. Not only it is good for asthmatic patients but those with heart issues, regulation of digestion and healthy hair and skin are also promised by the regular intake of watermelon. Being rich in water gives your skin the natural glow.

If only one realizes the true worth of healthy life, he or she wouldn’t skip on these food items mentioned above. Ask the value of life and health to someone who is in the hospital or is battling cancer. You ought to be thankful for all these food amenities in life.

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