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Five Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Younger Without Going Under The Knife

With age, our skin loses the elasticity it had during our youth.  The substance called collagen that keeps our skin tight and glowing starts breaking down after a certain age. It is a natural process. Yes, taking care of it might help you keep off a few years from your face, but it will happen eventually. When it does, what do you plan to do — go under the knife? A cosmetic surgery or a Botox treatment can very well make you look a lot younger than you are. But many people do not prefer to take help from these artificial methods that involve a lot of chemicals. If you want to keep it all natural, there is one thing you can certainly do. Camouflage your wrinkles and make a few changes with makeup that will make you look a lot younger. Here are some tips from the pros!

Moisturize Your Skin Well

With age comes dryness. So the first and foremost rule of making your skin look younger is to keep it hydrated at all times. Invest in a very good moisturizer depending on the type of your skin. It is best to take care of your skin as early as you can, go for regular facial massage sessions, use products that are free from harsh chemicals, and give your skin some love by drinking a lot of water. When your skin is hydrated, the wrinkles appear less prominent. A generous dollop of moisturizer is the first step to your makeup routine. Also, don’t forget your eyes; apply a good eye cream before you put on anything else.

Define Your Brow Lines

We often apply tons of makeup on our eyes yet neglect our eyebrows. Eyebrows can play a major role in making your face look younger. Most makeup artists around the world agree that a good brow means a lot less makeup on your face. You would not need much more. Uneven brows, bushy brows, or thin brows  (which is perhaps the most common issue as we age) are the three issues most of us face. Uneven brows and bushy brows can be shaped and made to look gorgeous by professionals. Once you get it done, get a pair of tweezers and start practicing at home. Of course, if you can include it in your monthly visit to the salon, it would be even greater. For others, invest in a good eyebrow pencil and always fill up your eyebrows before going out. Make sure your eyebrow pencil color matches the color of your hair.

Give Yourself A Rosy Glow

The first thing to remember when trying to do an age-defying makeup is that you need to keep it natural. If you have mastered that trick already, then there is nothing to worry. Going OTT is a big no in this case. A blush can do wonders for your skin unless you have rosacea, which is a condition where you get a flush when out in the sun or you blush naturally. A yellow or olive skin tone can look a lot brighter with a blush. However, steer clear of powder blush and use only cream blush which will give your skin some glow. In fact, a blush, a bit of mascara, lip gloss, and a tinted moisturizer should be your go-to products in case you have a time crunch and need to put up some basic makeup.

The Golden Rules For Lipstick

A lipstick can make or break your entire look. We highly recommend keeping it a bit glossy and shimmery at most times. If you have lots of products on your eyes, keep the lips light because darker lips can be fatal with a heavily made-up face. It is no secret that smokey eyes and light-toned lips are a classic combination. Since most women love red lips, we need to talk about that, too. In case you are a fan of Ruby Woo, keep the entire makeup as simple as you can. Also, choose your outfit carefully when doing red lips because that color is a statement itself.

Make Your Lashes Look Thicker

A good mascara from a well-known brand will help you make your eyelashes thicker. You can also buy an eyelash curler and see what a huge difference it makes on your face. Eyelash extensions work fine, too. It will help you keep away from the hassle of curling your lashes. However, if you do curl your lashes, don’t forget to put mascara on it afterward.

As you can probably guess, keeping your skin naturally beautiful is the best thing you can do to avoid extra makeup or looking bad in heavy makeup. A dewy, glowing skin, thick eyebrows and glossy lips can often make you look great! Less is more!


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