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Five Fruits You Should Eat This Summer

Most of us forget to question the food we eat all day – from that grilled chicken sandwich to the multi-tiered butterscotch pastry – we simply can’t defeat a craving for these foods. And while we stuff our faces with these temptations, we conveniently ignore grandma’s advice to eat fresh, seasonal fruits that come with amazing health benefits. Needless to say, while we devour all the yummy food, we helplessly watch our diet plan fade away. Summer is that time of the year when our body needs healthy fruits that can lower the temperate of the body and rejuvenate us. If the thought of having healthy food crosses your mind several times a day, here are top five fruits to eat this summer.


Strawberries Are Good For Pregnant Women

A strawberry may be a small fruit, but it’s an excellent source of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. During the summer months, try to take a cup of strawberries every day as this will boost your immunity, reduce your cholesterol level, and normalize your blood pressure as well. To top it all off, the amazing vitamin C is highly beneficial for your eyes as it prevents cataract and enhances your skin’s elasticity. This means you will get fewer wrinkles as you age and aid in better vision. If you are an expecting mother, strawberries are even better for you as the fruit contains folate – a type of B-vitamin which enhances fetal development.


Blackberries Help In Transporting Calcium Throughout Human Body

Like strawberries, blackberries are also an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition to that, blackberries are also rich in vitamin K which assists in transporting calcium throughout the body. This delicious fruit is capable of knocking back free radicals that cause cancer, improving the immunity system and reducing risks of heart diseases. Also, these fruits are good for your eyes, skin, digestive system, and bones and have been proved beneficial in relieving symptoms of gynecological disorders. A cup of fresh blackberries paired with a protein smoothie and you’re good to go!


Cantaloupe Primarily Grows In California

Cantaloupe, which primarily grows in California, is from the gourd family that is widely known for its appealing aroma and low calorie-content. If your physician has advised you to take foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, cantaloupe can be the best option for you during warmer months. One of the best things about cantaloupe is that it’s a stress-busting food. It’s rich in potassium which can be effective in normalizing your heartbeat and stabilizing the oxygen supply to your brain which helps you relax and become more focused.


Cherries Help In Preventing Diabetes

A bowl of fresh and sweet cherries is what everybody probably craves for. Cherry is one of those super fruits that can improve your sleep. It’s rich in melatonin which helps in healing joint pain and soreness, and if you work out a lot, you can have a bowl of cherries every day, not just to heal your joint soreness, but also to prevent diabetes – a silent killer. Cherry is also effective in improving your memory. Stock your refrigerator with a handful of cherries so you don’t run out of the summer fruit even for a single day.


Pomegranate Is A Friend Of Your Heart

Pomegranate is one wonder fruit which has a sweet and tangy flavor. The fruit, which is native in the Middle East, has become a regular member in family fruit baskets in average American households. The humble fruit has actually a lot more to offer than it seems. First off, the aromatic fruit makes for a nice ingredient for smoothies and juices. However, it’s not just a refreshing fruit, as scientists have found that the fruit is good for your heart, too. The summer fruit brings down the cholesterol level, improves blood circulation, and reduces blockage and blood thickening in the arteries. Try to consume only 8 ounces of pomegranate every day in summer and enjoy the amazing health benefits.

Each of the summer fruits we have listed here is rich in minerals and vitamins that can either improve certain health aspects or help cure a specific health issue. We hope you stock up on these fruits to give your bodies additional boosts of nutrients!

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