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Does Estrogen Supplement Actually Work?

Estrogen is a term that refers to estriol, estradiol, estrone, and hormones as a whole. Each estrogen has a different function to perform and varying chemical structures. Estrogen also has a big role to play in the psychology of women and men but plays a bigger hand in the process of aging especially in women.

What Role Does Estrogen Play?

Estrogen has a role in preventing colon cancer, too

The key role of estrogen is to invigorate growth and develop reproduction, altering the physical features during the periods of adolescence and pregnancy and has a major role to play in the growth of the lining in the uterine walls at the time of the follicular phase which is in connection with the menstrual cycle. Apart from these, estrogen also protects women from colon cancer and heart disease, takes care of metabolic activities that include growth in the bone structure, and regulates cholesterol levels.

Supplements containing estrogen are extracted from natural plant substances. These supplements aid in balancing the hormone levels and also diminish symptoms during the menopausal phases. Phytoestrogens or plant substances are found in food such as soy, flax, grape skins, clover, and a few herbs. These can help in fighting symptoms that women go through during their menopausal phase.

Is Estrogen Effective In Making Menopause A Tad Bearable?

Estrogen supplements lessen the symptoms of menopause

Menopause is utterly uncomfortable for women, and it has different levels. The range of symptoms varies from women to women. They can be of any kind – mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, headaches, cold chills, insomnia, and fatigue, to identify a few. Estrogen-laden supplements can aid in minimizing the extremities and occurrence, and frequency of such symptoms, and make the whole process of menopause more endurable.

Can Estrogen Be Replaced?

Treatment of deficiency in estrogen during  menopause is surely the best way for nursing the symptoms. Replacements of estrogen differ and can create confusion among women. Women can get replacements through prescriptions, natural supplements such as oral or topical solutions that can be natural as well as synthetic, and of course, hormone therapies.

Natural estrogen supplements have no better alternatives

Replacements that are synthetic in nature can be received over the counter. Though this kind of therapy has been quite successful, some dangerous risks are also associated with them. Therapy over a long time with synthetic replacements can be associated with risks of a stroke, heart disease, breast cancer, and blood clots. These after-effects have led to the growth of estrogen supplements that are absolutely natural. Without having to put your life at risk, you should seek a possible natural relief as much as possible. These natural supplements are quite identical in nature with human hormones. Red clover, black cohosh, and primrose oil are natural herbs that are utilized for estrogen supplements.

Methods for Relief

There are other methods to get relief from the symptoms that crop up during menopause. Adding minerals and vitamins to a healthy and a nutritious diet goes a long way in providing relief. Energy levels in women remain high, minimizing the discomfort levels. High sodium intakes or sugars should be avoided, and processed foods should never be consumed.

Including exercise in the daily routine releases natural hormones in the body that fight the symptoms of menopause. Losing weight and shedding off those extra pounds can be helpful, too. Not only the menopause symptoms, heart diseases can also be avoided.

Talk To Your Doctor First

Do not consume any sort of supplement without consulting your doctor

Before laying your hands on estrogen supplements, it is always advisable to consult a doctor and go through a physical examination. Before going for prescription supplements, a natural supplement is the first step. Generally, a natural supplement finds favor with the physicians, and they will definitely be able to suggest and keep a track of all that is being consumed.

Menopause is one of the toughest times that women go through. Though it’s generally painful, relief is at hand. The symptoms during the phases of menopause can make life difficult and troublesome — too much for some women to handle. Synthetic replacements of estrogen should be avoided for their life-threatening side effects. More and more women are opting for natural supplements to move on to normalcy. We wish them the pink of health always.

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