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DIY – Quick And Healthy Anti-aging Treatments

Beauty treatments can cost a small fortune, but sometimes, it is quite enough to look into your fridge and see that you already have everything you need for homemade masks and creams.

Whenever a new, popular, anti-aging product pops up, it is advertised as being natural and healthy, made from various nuts or fruits. However, if you think about it, there is no reason not to use those exact nuts and fruits to make your own treatment. And the best part is: It will probably work better than store-bought items since it will be fresh and active, unlike skin-care products that lose some of the potency as time passes. Furthermore, it is not even difficult to make; it is literally as simple as making a smoothie. But remember! You are not going to conserve it so discard the cream after seven days at most.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “80% of the results you get is what you do to your skin at home every day!” [/su_quote]

 Cleanser — rice

Rice is very commonly used in Eastern traditional skin-care products as it can be used to exfoliate and smooth the skin. It is also rich in Vitamin E which further helps your skin. This cleanser is made by using brown rice flour, and you can mix it with water—or, for a better result with rice milk (rice milk offers vitamin A which helps your body build retinol). So, how to do it? All you need for this recipe is a quarter of a cup of brown rice flour and a couple of tablespoons of rice milk.
A recipe does not get much simpler than this: You should mix the ingredients until you get a nice smooth paste and then massage it onto your skin in a circular motion. Rinse and apply your toner and moisturizer.

 Cold Cream — cucumber, aloe, Greek yogurt, and lemon

If you need an effective cream to hydrate your skin and feel fresh, you might want to try this cream on. It is not as simple a recipe as the previous one, but it is definitely worth it. What you need is half a cup of Greek yogurt, half of a lemon (squeeze) and half a cup of combined cucumber and aloe flesh. You will have to chop and deseed the cucumber and chop and peel the aloe.

Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and then strain them through a strainer that is lined with a couple of layers of cheesecloth. Let it sit in your fridge over the night and transfer it to a clean bowl the next morning. Keep in mind that you only need to transfer the thickened mixture—the liquid that is left behind can be discarded. If you do not like wasting, mix it with the rice flour to make a simple but effective facial scrub.

To use this cream, simply apply a thick layer to your face and wait for half an hour. Remove it with a moistened cloth.

 Scrub — blackberries and walnuts

As most of us already know, blackberries are a great source of antioxidants and are stacked with vitamins (A, C, E). Combine the anti-aging effect blackberries have on your skin with vitamin E and the exfoliation that walnuts can provide, and you get an awesome scrub that is incredibly easy to make.

You will need half a cup of walnuts and half a cup of berries. Simply blend them until the paste is smooth. To use the scrub, apply it generously and massage in circles. Rinse with tepid water.

 Body oil — avocado, almond, and coconut

While taking care of your face is really important, it doesn’t do you much good to forget about the rest of your body, and for that, you might need a good body oil. In case you do not have them already, go to the store and purchase avocado, almond and coconut oil. It is beneficial to look for cold-pressed oils to get the most of the fatty acids and antioxidants in them. Simply mix them in equal parts in a 6-ounce bottle and shake the mixture. It can be used every day and is a really good massage oil.

These are just some of the recipes that can easily be utilized by anyone who is willing to try. Although they do offer great results, much like with any other product, you should check with your dermatologist before using any of the creams mentioned here and keep track of your allergies to avoid any reactions.

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