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You’ll Be Amazed To See What These Huge Celebrities Looked Like Before Fame Came Along

Milla Jovovich

Life wasn’t always great for Milla Jovovich. During her childhood, both her parents worked as a housekeeper and cook for director Brian De Palma. And then, her father was convicted in what was called the biggest health insurance fraud ever and was sent to jail. Because of this, she became a model to earn a living and support her mother at the age of 12. Since then, her career has only gone upward. Once the highest paid model in the world, Milla Jovovich is an equally talented actress and singer. It was her roles in movies like The Return of Blue Lagoon and The Fifth Element that made critics sit up and notice her. Today, she runs her own production company which has increased her earnings to a whole new level. She’s truly an admirable woman!

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