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Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Houses – Some of Them are ridiculously huge – who bought their home without a loan

Jennifer Lopez – $40 Million, Los Angeles, French-Country Architecture

Gorgeous Hollywood singer and actress Jennifer Lopez bought a $40 million property in 2016. Spread over eight acres of land, the  French-inspired architecture is almost 14,000 square feet in size. We wonder how much she must be spending on house cleaning with a mansion like that! As for the amenities, we can go on and on about them. The most impressive features are a swimming pond with a sandy beach and shower, a movie theater that can seat thirty people, and if that’s not enough, the property even has it’s own outdoor amphitheater! We are impressed!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen – $20 Million, California, Environment-Friendly House

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are one of those couples adored by many. They are known to be living in a real estate property in California that is said to be worth around $20 million.  Judging by the pictures, the house is almost like a palace with a matching massive swimming pool. Their environment-friendly residence is highly expensive to maintain, but since pollution and sicknesses are kept at bay, it’s all worth the cost.

LeBron James – $23 Million, Los Angeles, Luxurious Mansion

LeBron James bought his second home in LA for a whopping  $23 million. The basketball player from Cleveland bought this 16,000 square feet mansion only last year. The property has an outdoor-indoor fitness area as well as its own wine cellar. It has eight bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. It is only two miles from his first home in the same Brentwood area of LA. The basketball player sure knows about the long-term benefits of investments especially in real estate!

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