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Need Help Unwinding After A Long Day? These Stars Reveal How They Do It!

Everyone experiences stress. You’re not the only one who wishes that the week would just end so you can find that peaceful state of mind again. We all crave to get away from the things that are driving us crazy, yearning for a release of all the pent up stress so that we can go back to normalcy. However, this is easier said than done. Most people resort to social media or other electronic means of gratification in order to let themselves feel better but this is certainly not a recommended way of coping with stress. In fact, doing so will likely make you feel even worse, especially if you stay up late at night with a screen close to you. The loss of sleep, coupled with the blue light from your screen, will only make things worse for you in the long run. If you’re not sure what to do in order to relax, have a look at what the celebs are doing to help themselves cool down when they’re done with their day.

Demi Lovato – Refrains From Using Her Phone

According to Demi, the best way for you to calm down when you’ve had just about enough during the day is to stay away from your smartphone. That’s not a shocker, really, as frequent usage of social media has been linked to depression, loneliness, and anxiety which are the exact opposite of what you want right now. Instead, Demi chooses to meditate and have some quiet time to herself. In fact, Demi said that at one point, she hadn’t used her phone for three months, and this had had a lot of great effects on her, the most visible of which was that she was no longer dependent on her phone when a room got quiet. Instead of whipping out a smartphone, she learned how to hold conversations with those around her.

Kendall Jenner – Looks To Her Family

Your family is one of the best outlets that you’ve got available, and Kendall has made sure that she remains close to her family as much as she can. This doesn’t mean you get to use your family to shout at them, of course. They’re there so that you can discuss with them what’s bothering you as they’re some of the very few people who’ll listen to what you have to say with patience and care. At least, Kendall’s got the sort of family who will, and she’s often turned to her half-sister, Kourtney, for help. She has said that Kourtney has been teaching her how to meditate which should help reduce stress a lot. Other than that, Kendall has said that she listens to music to help her calm down when it looks like she just can’t handle the pressure. Being the busy person that she is, she probably feels overwhelmed far too often and definitely needs some outlets for all that stress.

Nina Dobrev – Practices Yoga

Nina is one of the biggest yoga fans that we’ve seen among celebrities, and she’s right to turn towards yoga for stress relief as it’s a proven way to handle it. She’s in love with yoga to the point where she wants to open her own studio for it. She’s got it all planned out already and only needs to implement it. However, she’s holding off on it because she wants everything to happen perfectly and she doesn’t want to rush the whole thing, but she’s got plans for a bakery, a coffee shop, and even a massage center that’s going to be there. Nina’s found the perfect way to de-stress because not only does it provide her with much-needed relief, but it also makes sure that her body stays healthy.

Taylor Swift – Writes Songs

Wasn’t expecting this one, were you? We’d expect that after all the stress from her music career, Taylor would want to find an escape from it, but according to her, writing songs on her bed is what makes her feel calm and stable. According to her, it helps her put her feelings into words that she can use to understand what she’s going through. By understanding herself better, she believes that this alone is a form of release from all the stress of fame and the pressure that comes with it.

You’d probably feel better if you tried any one of these de-stress methods – just give them a try and see for yourself!

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