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The Incredibly Simple Trick That Helps Paris Hilton Stay Healthy and Gorgeous

In an era when cosmetic procedures and surgeries are all the hype in the beauty industry, many people are on a quest to enhance their beauty naturally. Take Paris Hilton, for instance, who is known for her enviable figure, but it turns out that her gorgeous appearance is totally achievable through a simple lifestyle change. The heiress of Hilton Hotels started her professional modeling career at 19 and has maintained her shape with a simple diet and workout routine.

She made headlines in 2011 with rumors of her pregnancy, but later it turned out that the socialite has simply put on weight due to her bad eating habits. Her weight gain seemed strange to fans, especially since she had always been petite. The incident taught her a lesson about eating healthy and exercising more regularly, and she eventually regained her old shape.

Hilton hates crash diets or starving herself to look good, she eats well and trains hard to keep her weight stable. She cannot do with pizza, ice cream, and hamburgers which is why she likes to eat these foods in moderation.

Thanks to Cy Waits, who helped Hilton develop a healthy eating habit, she consumes more homemade meals and organic foods and credits her toned figure to workouts with personal trainers.

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