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Julianne Moore Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Ageless Appearance

Julianne Moore is in her late 50’s but she this Hollywood beauty is looking younger than ever. She has defied her age with good lifestyle. The actress was spotted during the 2019 Golden Globes looking gorgeous and fit as always in her Givenchy gown and heels that were picked by Leslie Fremar.

She is a two-time Golden Globes winner but it’s her eternal beauty and youthfulness that deserves an award.  Moore has revealed it’s her obsession with a good skincare routine that makes her look ageless on-set and off-set. She is a junkie when it comes to skincare and makeup products and she makes an effort to ensure that her skin is always looking perfect. She doesn’t want to reverse aging because she strongly believes that aging is a natural process that we all should embrace gracefully. The older Moore gets, the more she is prepared to deal with it.

In 2015, she confessed that she was battling with yogurt, granola bars and cereals for breakfast.  She doesn’t like dieting and doesn’t diet at the right time.

She said that is always hungry but the industry she has found herself has a strict rule she must follow. Moore may be trying hard to keep up healthy and good, but she is not trying harder to go through the knife.

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