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Britney Spears Takes Long Hiatus Due to Her Dad’s Life-Threatening Condition

Legendary pop star Britney Spears is taking a long break as her daddy’s health keep deteriorating. Spears was expected to begin her Las Vegas residency show, “Domination,” in February.  The singer postponed it because her dad, Jamie Spears was taken to the hospital.

She wants to dedicate her focus and energy to care for her dad because she has a very close relationship with her immediate family, and at this time, she needs to be there for them. Jamie had a surgery due to a ruptured colon before he was taken to the hospital. After spending 28 days with the life-threatening condition, he was finally able to pull through.

Spears admitted that her father could have died from the emergency which is why she wants to spend as much time with him as possible until he is fully recovered.  Spears began her Las Vegas residency some years ago.

Though, some artists think residency is like retirement but that is not stopping Spears from enjoying herself on stage. She has made a lot of money from this career and we don’t know when she would hang the boot.

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