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Here Are All The Places Where Celebrities Go To Relax For Their Vacations

A few months ago, we found out that doctors were now giving out a unique kind of prescription to alleviate symptoms of mental health issues — nature. To combat stress, depression, anxiety, or anything related, experts have suggested (and it has also been proven!) that moving around surrounded by nature can really help you calm down. Now, while vacations aren’t exactly the same as a stroll through a forest, they have a similar effect. That’s why people get paid vacations! Whether abroad or local, vacations help you unwind, giving you enough space to breathe and let loose. It is the perfect way to relax and think about something other than your daily problems regarding work, family, or anything else.

Now, believe it or not, the life of a celebrity can be extremely stressful. Social media only shows the glamorous parts and leaves out all of the nervous breakdowns, the anxiety, and the stress. Celebrities have to go through all of this, just like any normal individual. And thus, they need to slow down and take a break just like the rest of us. Here are some of the places on Earth that these celebrities chose to spend their vacations. If they’ve gone there, we’d love to know about these places, too, because there probably aren’t better ones out there!

Chrissy Teigen — Lake Como

According to Chrissy, Lake Como looks like something right out of a painting and a very good one at that! It’s within Italy, a country known for its exquisite and picturesque locations. For Chrissy, the freedom and serenity that Lake Como has to offer make the place far better than any other in the world. The place definitely holds a lot of sentimental value for her as well since she got married there. Regardless, Lake Como is absolutely gorgeous, and its silence is something that Chrissy just can’t get enough of.

Jennifer Aniston — Cabo San Lucas

You’re far too young if you’re not familiar with Jennifer Aniston from FRIENDS, a world famous sitcom that has tens of millions of fans even today despite its conclusion over a decade ago. Jennifer played the role of Rachel Green, a lady with a serious sense of style. If Jennifer picked up anything from Rachel’s insight into the world of exotic lifestyles, she definitely knows which locations offer the most relaxing, peaceful environment for the perfect vacation. According to Jennifer, she prefers Cabo San Lucas above all other places on earth for some quality time. And we must say, just looking at the picture is enough to make us yearn for the beach!

Joe Jonas — California

 Joe’s ideal vacation is pretty different from what your average person would have in mind. He loves getting some action during his vacation, and this need takes him straight to California’s skiing resorts. It’s difficult not to understand what he sees in the place. California’s skiing resorts are absolutely gorgeous and teeming with awesome people who share the love for skiing. According to Joe, if he has just one more day to spend on earth, he’d want him and his family to spend a day skiing in California. With a recommendation like that, you’d be missing out on a lot if you didn’t check the place out for yourself.

Khloe Kardashian — Greece

Khloe described Greece as one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen or visited and would love to go back there. Khloe, as you may have guessed, has enough money to try out all sorts of places for her vacations. The fact that she decided to focus just on Greece lets us know that there’s something special about that place.

Lea Michele — Hawaii

Neither Hawaii nor Lea Michele needs an introduction. We know Lea from her role in the TV show Glee which left her and the rest of the cast beyond popular. There’s no questioning why Lea chose Hawaii as her go-to place for her vacations. It’s gorgeous, peaceful, clean, and really exquisite! Lea utilizes her time there in the best ways possible — from yoga and swimming to tanning and trying out the awesome local food! She visits Hawaii far often than any other location, so if you’re a fan, you should definitely keep this state in mind.

Taking a vacation can really help you reset yourself and freshen your mind. It gives you time to ponder over everything that you don’t have time to think about in your daily routine, just as it does for our favorite celebrities! All you have to think of is what exciting thing you can do next!

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